Sophomore Lindsay Nevins Hosts WXVU’s “Ginger Jams”


Courtesy of Lindsay Nevins

Sophomore Lindsay Nevins hosts “Ginger Jams” on WXVU on Friday afternoons.

Julia O'Keefe, Staff Writer

From a capella groups, to dance ensembles, to musical theater, Villanova allows its students to express themselves creatively in many different ways. 

WXVU in particular, Villanova’s own student-run radio station, presents interested students with the opportunity to design their own radio show. From pop music, to country, to talk shows, Villanova students do it all, and sophomore Lindsay Nevins is one of the group’s many team members.

“I’ve always been super passionate about music, and I thought it would be super cool to have my own show and share some of the music I love with other people,” Nevins said. 

Her show, “Ginger Jams,” showcases a mix of all sorts of genres of music, including pop, punk, rap and rock. The name “Ginger Jams” is a catchy reference to Nevins’ red hair color.

“When I was brainstorming names for my show, I was thinking of different alliterations I could use with Lindsay, but nothing really clicked,” Nevins said of her show’s origins. “A lot of WXVU music show names have something to do with the genre of music they play, but since I play a pretty wide variety, I didn’t want to be super specific with the name. I randomly thought of Ginger Jams and it just stuck.” 

WXVU allows students to try something they may have never done before. Prior to “Ginger Jams,” Nevins has had no experience on the air or with the equipment the group uses. Nevins said she has always made playlists as a hobby, but her work with WXVU was the first time she has taken this hobby to the next level. Anyone can join the group regardless of experience. Just like Nevins, students join WXVU to share the music they love with the local community. 

“I was definitely learning on the job,” Nevins said. “I had a little run through of how the equipment worked before my first show, but I didn’t get to use it until I was on air for the first time. Luckily, it’s pretty straightforward.”

Anyone interested in joining WXVU, starting their own show and playing the music they love to the community should contact the station manager Allison Bajada to get involved, regardless of experience. Just like Nevins, anyone can play their music on the air and find a new passion in the process. 

Tune in on Fridays from 4-5:30 p.m. to hear Nevins playing her favorite tunes on the air and be sure to check out all the other scheduled student shows on the WXVU website.