Student Podcast Feature: TD Ayo-Durojaiye’s “Nightmare Knowledge”


Courtesy of Villanova Athletics

TD Ayo-Durojaiye’s podcast “Nightmare Knowledge” can be found on Spotify.

Maddie Schieder, Staff Writer

“Nightmare Knowledge” might seem like the name of a true crime podcast, but host and Villanova student TD Ayo-Durojaiye sees it as an endeavor to spread truth and self acceptance. Ayo-Durojaiye, is a junior football player at Villanova from Damascus, MD, studying Psychology. Being recognized for his heart and empathy, Ayo-Durojaiye began his podcast in the midst of the pandemic, along with producing YouTube videos on fitness training. 

The Villanovan: When did you start your podcast?

Ayo-Durojaiye: I started my podcast in the summer of 2021 in July because I did not have much to do. I was here at Villanova training for football and found myself getting bored while my teammates were at summer class. 

TV: What is the theme of your podcast?

TD: It doesn’t have a particular theme. My podcast just follows what I want to talk about or feel that others should hear and talk about as well. I like to focus my episodes on what I feel needs to be heard by people in my community or my circle.

TV: How often do you post?

TD: I probably don’t post as much as I should because I got busy with schoolwork and in season. My plan is to post every week. I am trying to record episodes and even post on YouTube as well. 

TV: What inspires the topics of your podcast episodes?

TD: I am inspired by the fact that I want to see people do better. I have been told that I give some good advice to my peers and that I should start a podcast, so I did. Personally, I have a thrill for seeing people do better and helping others with situations I have experienced myself. In my episodes, I try to give my best guidance to others, whilst giving my take on how I would handle their issue. I am far from perfect, and maybe my advice or guidance is wrong, but I don’t fear giving my opinion on matters. Things that matter in this world and things that matter to my friends are things I am passionate about as well. 

TV: Can you name a specific experience you find to have shaped who you are and why you give such good advice to those around you?

TD: I would say when I was younger in middle school, I got bullied a lot. There was not anyone I could really turn to, so I had to figure it out myself. My goal is to make sure that nobody has to go through their struggles alone like I did. Making sure people have me in their corner is my main goal. Trying to combat the negativity that came at me was really hard, and I want to be able to help others with similar experiences navigate through hard times. 

TV: You mention talking about the uncomfortable things in life on your podcast, what do you find to be the most pressing topic in today’s society? 

TD: The most pressing topic is people’s identity. People struggle with who they are and what they want to be, and that has a lot to do with society telling us what to do, especially if you are a woman, and even more importantly, an African-American woman. People of color and minorities are constantly told who they are by society and what their place is, and I feel that peer evaluation matters so much given how much what others think affects us. Others should not define us. We should go search for it ourselves rather than looking to the internet or others’ beliefs. It is important to me that everyone looks in the mirror and loves what they see. Nobody should hesitate to pursue their dreams in life. Being the best version of yourself and having confidence in your identity is so crucial and something we lack in our society. Talking about my own journey, I hope I can show others to be comfortable with who they are. 

“Nightmare Knowledge” can be listened to on Spotify, and more episodes will be posted weekly from Ayo-Durojaiye in coming weeks.