Villanova Hosts Winter Gala In Connelly Center


Courtesy of Villanovan Photography/Victoria Margenat

Students got dressed up to attend the gala in the Connelly Center.

DJ Comerford, Staff Writer

The Villanova Gala took place on Friday night at the Connelly Center. Rumors circulated about the cost of the event, some saying it cost a whopping one million dollars, others saying the event had not occurred in four years. With so much mystery shrouding the event, students went not knowing what to expect, but curious.

All around the Connelly Center, different displays of food and activities spread throughout. Upstairs, there were casino games for students to play. Attendees were seen playing blackjack and roulette with chips that they could cash in for a basketball ticket raffle. Downstairs, there was food galore and a dance floor. There was even a set up outside, adorned with lavish couches and dessert tables. 

Junior Michael Tufankjian gave his thoughts on the event. 

“I felt like I was in the sequel to the Great Gatsby,” He said. “Dancing, drinking and gambling. What more could you ask for? Just to think, the room that we were eating our chicken and rice in just one year ago turns into a ballroom on par with Jay Gatsby’s manor.” 

It was like the Great Gatsby, indeed, especially when it came to the outfit choices. Everyone was dressed to impress. Some gentlemen even spotted sporting tuxedos. One such gentleman, junior Ned Camel, shared his perspective on the event. 

“I had a good time playing the casino games and having a few drinks with some of my buddies,” Camel said. “It was interesting to see Conn like that.”.

Camel is referring to the bars available for of-age students. Students over 21 could get up to three alcoholic beverages. The options were Miller Light, champagne, Whiteclaw and IPAs. 

Sophomore Avery Myers also talked about her experience. 

“I had a great time and saw a lot of people I knew,” Myers said. “The food was better than I expected, and it was an overall enjoyable experience.” 

For the most part, attendees were impressed with the food. Some of the options were pulled pork, mac and cheese, buffalo meatballs, dumplings, spring rolls, pizza and more. Later in the night, they even brought out soft pretzels for snacking. 

The one part of the otherwise perfect night was the mask wearing. Most students took off their masks upon entry to the venue and kept them off, making it seem like the mask policy was more of a recommendation than a necessity. This is an issue the school has been struggling with all year, but it was difficult when the event revolved around actively eating.

Despite the mask issue, Villanova was able to provide a memorable night for the student body. Even though the past year has not been a complete return to normalcy, this gala was definitely a step in the right direction. The fact that the University even condoned students gathering in one area proves that we are making progress

Overall, it was a successful night that was enjoyable for all grades. Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future.