2022 Valentine’s Day Horoscopes

Elena Rouse, Co-Culture Editor

Aries: Your charms have been noticed by others, and it’s time you notice them for yourself. You had romance right at your fingertips, but your lack of faith in love left you…well…without it. With romance in the air, throw away any thoughts about what could go wrong or why it won’t work. If you want to chat it up with someone, text, call or walk up to them. Just do it. You never know where life can lead, but it won’t go anywhere you want it to if you don’t steer. 


Taurus: Taurus, it’s time to stop living in the past. Love changes, and something that might have been the right choice for you then, might not be right anymore. There is nothing wrong with wiping your romance slate clean and seeing what might come about. In fact, the moment you stop thinking about ‘what could have been,’ or reminiscing on what once was, you will see the spice that is the ‘right here and now.’ Trust the stars, you’ll want to see it. 


Gemini: Love? Romance? These are all feeling a bit foreign to you as of late. Just because you don’t see any potential partners doesn’t mean you need to find one. Like the age old saying goes, “It always comes when you least expect it.” While that might not always be the case, any pessimism you have about the trials of love are no help to your overall state. Roll your shoulders back, look outside and let a little love in your heart. It doesn’t have to be romantic. It just has to be the kind that opens you up to possibilities. 


Cancer: You have pockets of love all around you. Take a moment to appreciate the little ways in which people show you just how much they care. Now is not the time to focus on the thing you don’t have, but rather, all the ways in which life has blessed you with copious amounts of love and relationships. Doing this will show you that maybe, just maybe, the love you think you want isn’t really what you think it is and that you might be looking in the wrong places.


Leo: There is a fire coming, and we’re talking about the good kind. Every fire starts with a spark, and when it comes to your romantic future, that spark will lead to soaring flames. When you feel that instant connection with someone, don’t let it sway you. Now is the time to lean in and let your energy match your person of interest. When the two of you are in the same room, the whole place will light up in the best way. No need for fire extinguishers here. This flame won’t be able to be put out. 


Virgo: Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race. This time of year, you’re going to find yourself with some potential moments for romance. Let’s say this now, romance is not a bad thing. You might be hesitant, but sometimes it’s better to be unprepared and just let life sweep you up rather than to think of every possible solution or outcome. Love cannot be planned, or understood, or even tamed, so there’s really no use in trying. Have fun falling in love. 


Libra: Ah yes, romance. A notion you know all too well (from hearing about it through others who actually have firsthand experience). At least it seems to feel like everybody else has had firsthand experience, anyway. The thing is, you just have a very particular idea of what you want out of a relationship, which is a good thing…sometimes. It can also lead to frustration when things don’t work out. This month, try to stop forcing things that aren’t right. Love is unpredictable, but what the stars know is that it won’t come when you try to make someone fit a mold they can’t. 


Scorpio: Let go. You’ve been trying too hard when it comes to love, and sinking your claws in has only separated you from the relationships you desire. Whether it’s a platonic or a romantic partner (or a potential one), now is the time to take a back seat. This doesn’t mean leaving them, it just means to let things take their course. Right now, eagerness is not your friend. Be cool, be fresh, and you’ll end up golden. 


Sagittarius: All signs point to a month of serious growth, Sagittarius. You will come to the realization that the love you are in the severest need of is love of the self, and you will have plenty of moments to capitalize on that. When times are feeling a little dreary, don’t be afraid to pull away and do something just for you. The more you do, the better you’ll feel. You are on your way to filling up your own love tank, which isn’t easy to do, so be proud.


Capricorn: You might get uncomfortable by the idea of all things love and romance, but this month is a time of great promise. Don’t get too caught up in societal depictions of love and relationships. Your journey is your own, and it’s about time you embrace it. Whatever you do in your relationships is your business and on your timetable. If you realize that, this month will be fruitful with an enchantment like you’ve never imagined.


Aquarius: Love can be fickle, but not if you stay consistent. Whether you are in love, on the cusp, or have sworn off love completely, this month, you’ll feel the ups and downs of all things love and romance. If you let it take control, you’re going to find yourself dizzy and unmotivated. That’s why it’s important to make sure you look at love with consistent, determined eyes. Whatever you do, do not give up. If you devote your time, you will be rewarded. 


Pisces: This month is a breath of fresh air. Look out for new potential suitors to spice up your life. The social scene might seem boring now, but there is a whole world of people you have yet to discover, and they are just waiting for the day you come along. The moment you stop caring about what people think or about your situation, you will find yourself hitting your romantic stride. If you are in a relationship, gear up for newfound energy that will ignite both you and your partner. Let’s just say, the stars are here for it.