Gamma Phi Beta Comes to Villanova


Courtesy of Gamma Phi Beta/Facebook

This spring, Gamma Phi Beta is starting their chapter at Villanova.

Emma Cahill, Staff Writer

In February 2022, Gamma Phi Beta will be joining Villanova as the newest sorority chapter on campus. 

Founded in 1874 at Syracuse University, Gamma Phi Beta dedicates itself to lifting up women and maintaining a strong sisterhood within their chapter. Gamma Phi Beta is built upon four principles of Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty. Gamma Phis learn to grow as individuals and as a sisterhood by embodying these principles.

Gamma Phi Beta is very passionate about its philanthropy, Building Strong Girls. The chapter aims to instill confidence in young girls with its philanthropic partner, Girls on the Run. In this program, the women of Gamma Phi Beta coach girls to run a 5k, teaching them not only the benefits of physical health, but also how athleticism can empower women. 

The new chapter is looking forward to bringing its sisterhood and philanthropic mission to Villanova’s campus. As it begins recruitment, Gamma Phi Beta is looking for women with leadership capabilities who can pioneer a new sorority. Gamma Phi representatives are also looking for women who embody the “four L’s” of the sorority. 

Gamma Phi Beta has a multi-step recruitment process to form its sisterhood. First, Gamma Phi representatives on campus began what they refer to as their “PR Blitz.” Any table on campus decorated with pink and brown is most likely one of the Gamma Phi Beta “PR Blitzes” since those are the official Gamma Phi colors. To increase traction with the new chapter, it had a table in the Connelly Center, hosted information sessions on Jan. 13, 18 and 24 and posted information about joining on its Instagram account. 

Next, Gamma Phi representatives hosted a philanthropy event in the Villanova Room on Wednesday, Jan. 19. The purpose of this event was to delve more into what Gamma Phi Beta’s philanthropy entails. Since Gamma Phi women are so passionate about their philanthropy, they wanted to speak more in-depth about how they interact with their service. 

Following these events, Gamma Phi Beta will be hosting personal appointments for potential new members. In these personal appointments, potential new members will talk to two alumni. These meetings provide an opportunity to get to know Gamma Phis on a personal level and to ask any questions they may have about the chapter. 

Finally, the recruitment process finishes off with their Preference Day on Jan. 29. This invitation-only event is where potential new members finish the last day of formal recruitment and ultimately determine if they are joining this chapter. Later that day is Gamma Phi Beta’s Bid Day, during which the charter members officially join the chapter.

Upon its official establishment as a sorority, the international Gamma Phi Beta organization will bolster the new chapter with support. The organization will provide multiple figures on campus for the charter members to rely on. One example of this is the collegiate leadership consultants (CLC) on campus. These resident CLC women hosting the info sessions will remain on campus to get the chapter rolling. Ultimately, Gamma Phi Beta wants the women in the chapter to form new traditions and create their legacy, but these figures are there to provide help and guidance needed along the way. 

One aspect of being a charter member of this sorority is the opportunity to attend valuable leadership summits. In February 2022, following the chapter’s establishment, the women of Gamma Phi Beta at Villanova will participate in multiple conferences. One conference the chapter will attend is the “Weekend Away Leadership Conference.” This event is meant to mold the charter members into leaders and to meet Gamma Phis from other universities in Pennsylvania. Additionally, there will be a “Belonging, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (otherwise known as “BEDI”) summit to help bring awareness to various social injustices and inequities. 

So, as Gamma Phi Beta finishes up its recruitment process, it will be officially established, creating a new legacy on the Villanova campus. In all, things are looking exciting for this new sorority on campus, and it will be interesting to see what is in store for it in the future.