The University’s COVID Solution: The Campus Cozy


Courtesy of Kendall Hayes

Junior Annie Reilly jumps for joy, wearing her Campus Cozy.

Kendall Hayes, Staff Writer

This past semester, the University was one of the few colleges in the United States that did not have to invoke a campus wide quarantine, cancel an on-campus second semester or send its students home. How did Villanova achieve such a feat? This accomplishment has led many people to ask the question, what is our secret? The answer is that the University’s administration cares.

In August 2020, Villanova students were surprised to learn that in response to COVID-19, the University would be giving students a portable chair for the sole purpose of spending time outdoors with friends. While other colleges across the country responded to the pandemic by locking its dorms down, setting curfews or not even having students on campus, this was not the Villanova way. The administration acknowledged and accepted that this would be unlike any semester in the school’s 179-year history. However, instead of giving up and turning our University into a prison-like environment where students could no longer enjoy themselves, Villanova’s administration was determined to make this semester feel as “normal” as possible. Although a portable chair seems small, the ideas behind the chair are full of concern and care for the community.

At the beginning of December, in a fashion similar to the iconic portable chair distribution back in August, the University organization Community First sent an email to the student population with an unusual and unexpected subject line: “The Campus Cozy: Register Today!”

After this email was sent, many people joked that the University was solving COVID-19 with a blanket-like, oversized sweatshirt. Of course, the University understands that it is going to take a lot more than a Cozy to end this pandemic. But, at the same time, Villanova understands that since there is so much going on in this world that we cannot fix, why shouldn’t we just fix the things we can? And with that began the distribution of the Campus Cozy, so that during a time of uncertainty and discomfort, students can feel some sense of safety.

Cozies were distributed from Monday, Jan. 25 through Thursday, Jan. 28 at the Connelly Center information desk. They will continue to be distributed throughout the first week of February at the same location to all who register for a Cozy pick-up time in advance.

The Villanovan asked some students to share how they feel about Villanova’s distribution of the Campus Cozy:

“I really appreciate how Villanova recognizes that this is a difficult time for us and is trying to help by providing us with the portable chairs and Campus Cozies,” sophomore Abigail Lukas said.

“I’m so happy Villanova gave us the  Campus Cozy,” sophomore Alyssa Paster said. “They know this is a tough time and are trying to make things better. I love wearing it everywhere on campus and seeing other people wearing it as well.”

“The Campus Cozy is fun,” junior Annie Reilly said. “My friends are all really jealous and said that their schools only gave them some wipes and a mask.”

Now, as we watch the first week of classes come to a close, each student is leaving the week with new professors, books and excitement for the new semester and their Campus Cozies.