Student Podcast Feature: Restless Success with Luke Pastore


Courtesy of @lukepastore

You can listen to the “Restless Success” podcasts on Fridays at 4 PM on WXVU.

Chelsea Le, Staff Writer

Luke Pastore, a junior Communication major, hosts the radio show “Restless Success,” which is all about motivation.

As a practice player on the Women’s Varsity Basketball Team, an orientation counselor and a real estate owner of two rental properties in Philadelphia, Pastore inspires others to create what success means to them through his broadcasts and experiences.

“The purpose of this show is to have listeners walk away and feel like they are armed with the confidence and knowledge to take the first step in whatever it is that they want to pursue,” Pastore said.

Pastore’s first episode focused on the word “success” and what it can represent to an individual. Unpacking the different meanings behind the word and considering whether it is objective or subjective, Pastore established the topic as a foundation for future episodes relating to how success can be achieved daily through small actions that lead to substantial results.

“Restless Success” is unique in having three co-hosts from different backgrounds and methods of thinking that allow them to consider multiple perspectives.

“When we cover topics such as ‘What is success?,’ there are three educated, honest but different opinions on that deep, multilayered question,” Pastore said. “This makes for a podcast that is relatable to a wide range of people, which makes it a podcast for everyone and anyone.”

The cover art features a person celebrating at the top of a mountain, which Pastore believes captures the theme of constantly encouraging people to be diligent in their accomplishments.

“I want listeners to leave this show feeling like the impossible is possible,” Pastore said. “I am a firm believer in making whatever you may want to happen, happen, and I hope that listeners of ‘Restless Success’ will walk away feeling that same way. There is nothing more powerful than human connection when trying to achieve goals.”

As a first-time radio host, Pastore’s show has received positive reception among the community, with consistent listeners including Pastore’s family and friends. A few freshmen from Pastore’s orientation group in the fall also tuned in and submitted questions to his broadcast.

For future episodes, Pastore hopes to engage more with his audience by discussing topics that are relevant to their lives.

“I would love to have people write or call in so that they can present us with scenarios in their life that we can then provide them with, not only the motivation, but the support they need to break through the barriers and get to their end goal,” Pastore said. “This could be some friendly advice or a step by step plan that they can follow so that listeners leave the podcast feeling like they are capable of way more than they have ever thought.”

Produced under WXVU, the University’s radio station, Pastore’s podcast allows him and his team to make use of the equipment provided, including the microphones and soundboard.

If there is anything that Pastore wants his audience to know, it is that he loves people.

“I love hearing people’s stories and learning what makes them ‘tick,’ and I like coming up with actionable steps to make these dreams come true,” Pastore said. “Plus, we all know someone who knows someone and connections are not that far away.”

Listeners can tune in to “Restless Success” at 89.1 FM or at on Fridays at 4 p.m. To email him with any questions for future broadcasts or to begin a conversation, Pastore can be reached at [email protected].