Jay Owes Us An Explanation!

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As a loyal Nova hoops fan, the recent decision by Coach Jay Wright to play Senior, and leading scorer Gary Buchanan for only a combined 35 minutes in the last two games (Seton Hall and Virginia Tech) just baffles me. In the articles I read, Coach Wright said that he sat Buchanan because of a lack of defensive effort. I’m not sure whether Coach Wright looked at the stats before that decision but he would have realized that Buchanan is our best offensive player and not a defensive specialist. Buchanan leads our team with 16 points a game and is one of the best free throw shooters in the nation! By pulling Gary off the floor, Coach Wright took 15 points off the board in each of those games for us. Not to mention our best free throw shooter off the floor, who for usre would have made those final free throws to win the Seton Hall game. I understand that Coach Wright has many talented players to work with but to bench our Senior leader, leading scorer, and clutch shooter at such a crucial point in the season is just plain wrong. I could have accepted that early on in the season but not during a final stretch to make the NCAA tournament. Yes we have excellent freshman on our team but Gary Buchanan has played extremley well for Nova for the last three years and deserved to be on the floor for the final games of his senior season. Might the outcomes have been different, I think yes. I feel Coach Wright owes us loyal fans an explanation.

Thank You!