Sophomore Thomas Newton Releases New Single


Courtesy of Villanova Television

Miguel Badia (on left) and Ally Weitzman (on right) interview Thomas Newton (on bottom) about his new single “Different.”

A.J. Fezza, Co-Culture Editor

Sophomore Thomas Newton already made himself well-known around campus when he released the song “Love Moat” on Sept. 4, 2020. Now, Newton’s official discography has become a bit larger, as he released the song “Different” on Feb. 12.

On June 14, 2020, Newton posted a TikTok including elements of what is now the song “Different.” The TikTok received more than 150,000 views, more than 31,000 likes and hundreds of comments urging him to release a full-length song. Half a year later, those suggestions have become a reality.

Just like “Love Moat,” “Different” is a light-hearted guitar piece that is around three-and-a-half minutes long. However, one unique thing about “Different” is its use of electric guitar instead of acoustic guitar.

Newton has advertised “Different” on many social media platforms, posting numerous TikToks on his account @newtonmusic promoting the song. After all, TikTok is the reason why Newton finished the song in the first place. Newton also promoted “Different” on his Instagram account @newtonmusic_ for 10 days leading up to its release. 

Social media is not the only place where Newton’s music has been advertised. If visiting the dining hall at St. Mary’s Hall on West Campus anytime over the past few months, one might have noticed a strip of paper by the door leading into the cafeteria. That strip of paper was a Spotify Code for Newton’s single “Love Moat.” For the past two weeks, instead of one strip of paper, there have been two, the second strip being a code for “Different.”

On Friday, Feb. 26, Villanova Television (VTV) posted an exclusive interview with Thomas Newton on YouTube about “Different.” In this interview with VTV News Director Miguel Badia and VTV Internal Director Ally Weitzman, Newton spoke about his inspiration for writing the song, the meaning behind its lyrics, what we can expect from his next music release and more. 

Like “Love Moat,” “Different” is clearly a love song.

“For me, I think it’s just [about] finding that perfect person for you,” Newton said. “Maybe it’s not the person you’re gonna marry, but in that instance in your life, it’s just the perfect match in whatever place you find yourself.”

In the interview, Newton also elaborated on one of his favorite lyrics from “Different.”

“There were a few random lyrics that I really liked,” Newton said. “And actually, my roommate, who I kinda co-wrote some stuff with, has some ideas that, you know, he throws in there. He wrote: ‘A memory shared is a memory saved.’ I gotta shout him out for that one. I’d say that’s one of my favorites.”

The University patiently awaits Newton’s next single, which he claims is already finished and will be released soon. In the meantime, listeners can find “Different” on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube and more. VTV’s new interview with Newton, entitled “Nova News: Exclusive Interview with Thomas Newton,” is on YouTube.