Seniors, The Best is Yet to Come!

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Seniors, The Best is Yet to Come

My four years at Villanova were intense. My parents paid my tuition while I studied and got involved, got the internship, and secured the job at one of the Big Five (before Anderson’s demise). I studied for the CPA exam during senior year and so my relief came after passing it. Like the MCATs, or LSATs, or Bar exam, a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Working was fine, didn’t love my job at all, but I was learning so much about the business world, didn’t have to study when I got home, and also received a nice salary every two weeks. Instead of being in debt, I was able to save some money. Technically, I had less free time than I did in college, but the time was actually free, no studying to do or papers to write. Meeting new people and making friends at work, no pressure to hit the gym or dress a certain way. Mind you, those were the worst two years of my professional career, where I didn’t make the decisions or know where my next assignment would be located. However, I learned so much in that period of time; about business and, more importantly, about myself and what I wanted. So will you, if you just accept that change is inevitable, and take advantage of every opportunity you have to learn and experience new things. Pay attention and trust yourself and you will soon figure out what you want, just like I did. My best years are right now, and they are not at all what I thought they would be like.

Great article Ashley!