The Best Snacks At Campus Convenience Stores


Courtesy of Villanova University

Students peruse the aisles of Second Storey located in St. Mary’s Hall.

Maddie Schieder, Staff Writer

It’s 8:30 p.m. on a weeknight and you need a study session pick-me-up. The nearby convenience store is tempting, and you cannot help yourself, but the options are far too wide. Here is some guidance about which options are worth it or not. 

There are three convenience stores around campus: Sparket on South Campus, Connelly Convenience on Main Campus and Second Story on West Campus. It can be debatable whether or not they are all the same, and it may be a given that Second Story is superior due to its wider array of options. However, Sparket and Connelly get the job done as well. The top choices can be found in each of the stores. 

If craving something savory and salty, depending on your health preferences, there are several routes that can be taken. Personally, Hippeas are always a staple, but only in the Barbeque flavor. These are a healthier option to something like Cheetos, but if those tickle your fancy, there are multiple flavors of Cheetos sold at the convenience stores. Classic chips are sold as well, such as tortilla chips and potato chips, but I suggest spicing it up a bit and going with Popcorners or something new. If feeling more hungry than usual and wanting something filling, Second Story has hot and ready chicken fingers and other assortments of meal-like foods apart from the large snack selection. 

On the flip side, this late night craving may be a sweet one. There are four important words for this: Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups. Whether you’re a dark or milk chocolate fan, this brand makes cups with options. It’s no problem if one does not like peanut butter nor chocolate. I suggest going for one of the extremely tempting mini ice cream cups in the freezer or a Pop Tart, especially if you haven’t had one since childhood. If neither of these options suit you, cereal is always a great choice or a nice candy bar, because why not treat yourself?