Weekly Horoscopes


Weekly Horoscope

Elena Rouse, Co-Culture Editor

Aries: The position of the moon in connection to the Aries constellation points to rashness. You have made some decisions that have left you in some sticky situations. Your ability to jump into things is admirable, but this week it’s time to take a different approach. Over the next few days it will be important to reel in that richness and find it within yourself to realign with those you might have confused or hurt.


Taurus: The past is making its way back into your heart. Your present feels murky and unsure, like your constellation is currently showing in the night sky. These uneasy feelings have brought up some unresolved feelings from your past. This week, these feelings will present you with a decision of either resolving the past or pushing towards the future.


Gemini: The same old act of going through the motions has been tearing you down. The longer you stay on this track, the sooner you will hit a wall and will be unable to bounce back. The only way to solve this problem is to take matters into your own hands. Make your week different than usual to create a sense of newness in your life.


Cancer: You are connected to the moon. Right now it’s in Waning Gibbous, signifying a soon to be relaxation into some much needed rejuvenation therapy. While you ride out these next few days of hectic stress, know that there will be moments ahead that will not only make it all worth it, but will remind you of why you do what you do in the first place.


 Leo: It seems that love is on your side this week. Your loyalty to those you love will come to be returned in full fruition. Be on the lookout because a return of love might come from someone unforeseen and can lead to questions about how you reallyfeel about them.


Virgo: You will shine your brightest this week. It might feel like the days are filled with great struggle, but the way you present yourself cuts to the core of who you really are. When you follow the light of your true self, you will find that the core of who you are is the best version of yourself.


Libra: An epiphany about the state of your life has left you in a flux position. Maneuvering life after realizing that what you want does not align with where you are and who you are with proves to be a difficult terrain to master. Like the orbit around the Sun, these things take time, and right now you need to take matters one single moment at a time.


Scorpio: The Sun spends the least amount of time on Scorpio than any other constellation, which relates to your feelings of disconnection right now. Your disconnection with certain people directly correlates with your inability to disconnect from the things that don’t matter. Try putting away your technology and other externalities to clear up your vision for what life is really all about.


Sagittarius: You are feeling like the entire world has gone crazy. It is times like these, when your faith in others is being tested, that you must find it within yourself to actively look for the good. The next few days are going to present even crazier circumstances, but it is up to you to not see them as signs of destruction but rather opportunities for optimism.


Capricorn: Saturn is on your side this week as it makes its way into the constellation of Capernicous. What does this mean but feelings of strength and fortitude. Let that assurance guide you with steady steps as you embark on what could be an intense week both physically and emotionally.


Aquarius: The word Aquarius translates to “cup-bearer.” The name is fitting, as you are often the one who carries the weight of many responsibilities. This week will show you what it truly means to be that “cup-bearer” in a way that you did not expect. It will require you to dig deep into yourself and find out just how much you can handle.


Pisces: Stars are always there but not always seen. It seems you are blind or have been turning a blind eye to someone or something that is off in your life. Look beyond just your own problems and see that some of them might stem from that very thing you are ignoring. If you take care of this issue, the light of the unseeable star will make its way back into the good in your life.