Spring Fashion: Dressing for Unpredictable Weather

Devin Toolen, Staff Writer

The weather over the last few weeks has been anything but predictable. One week it’s 65 degrees and sunny while the next is 40 degrees with harsh winds. Spring weather can make styling outfits very difficult. Will you get too hot or too cold in your outfit? Can you wear a sundress if it’s nice enough outside? The following tips will help in deciding how to manage outfits with the fluctuating temperatures this spring.

 The first tip goes without saying: always keep a jacket on you. The afternoon sun may be strong enough to allow for just wearing a tee, but once it goes behind the clouds or sets, the temperatures will quickly drop. If you go to Villanova, it’s likely that you already own a jean jacket, so this is an easy fix to the problem. But this spring, why not try to incorporate more unique jacket styles into your wardrobe? Different styles of blazers can be great closet additions. Blazers are really easy to find at thrift stores. Look for oversized blazers that can be styled with jeans and sneakers. The blazer and jeans combination creates a really simple outfit that is perfect for the constantly changing spring weather. Similarly, a leather jacket is a great alternative to the jean jacket, but be sure to only wear these on cooler days, as leather can get hot. 

 Another tip to keep in mind is the inclusion of tights in your wardrobe. When the days get warm, it’s tempting to put on a skirt or dress for going to class. However, when the sun isn’t out, the cold temperatures will make one shiver. Ever since I’ve incorporated tights into my wardrobe, I’ve given myself so many more outfit options. This spring, make a pair of tights your new best friend. It is important to have a good pair of tights to match your skin tone, which allows for wearing skirts and dresses without feeling as though your legs are too exposed. Similarly, patterned or solid-colored tights are great to have. A good place to buy quality tights is Calzedonia. They have all types of tights; sheer, colored and patterned. Next time you are at King of Prussia Mall, stop in the store to look for a pair that will match your skin tone perfectly. 

 The next tip is to pay attention to clothing material. The chunky wool sweater that you might have worn during the winter will be too hot to wear in the coming weeks. Instead, opt for cotton. Cotton sweaters are light and breathable so that one won’t feel uncomfortably warm. Also, look into wearing sweater vests. This style has come into popularity recently and will definitely continue trending throughout the spring. Regardless of material, a sweater without sleeves will definitely keep one cool. When thrifting, try looking for light sweaters or sweater vests to add to a spring wardrobe.

 Something I always like to incorporate into my spring wardrobe is pants other than jeans. Sometimes, wearing jeans every day can get boring. While it’s true that jeans are a great type of trouser that one can wear in many different ways, try to elevate your style by experimenting with other kinds of bottoms this spring. One style that works great in the springtime is dress pants. Dress pants usually feature a softer, more flowy material to allow more breathing room. Some favorite places to look for dress pants include Glassons, ASOS, And Other Stories and Verge Girl. When shopping, look for these types of pants in colors such as solid black, tan, gray or maybe even a subtle blue and white pinstripe. Style these pants with a white cropped tee, an oversized dress shirt and sneakers. 

 Lastly, when creating an outfit, always make sure to style a tank top underneath. If you’ve ever had class in Tolentine, you understand how easy it is to break a sweat after hiking up the dreaded stairs and entering a stifling hot classroom. To avoid feeling uncomfortably warm, make sure to wear a tank top underneath whatever top you might wear. Some places to buy tank tops include Gap and American Eagle. Tanks with thicker straps look perfect under sweaters, button-up shirts or blazers. 

 All of these tips should help one master dressing for spring weather. However, there is one overarching tip that is essential to remember: layering is not just for the wintertime. A lot of fashion influencers always talk about the importance of layering for the cold winter months, but being able to take off layers is just as important as being able to put more on. As mentioned, layering tanks under sweaters or even the addition of a cute jacket to an outfit will be a lifesaver this spring. You can even try layering a tight long sleeve over a flowy tank top. When styling outfits, think of ways to incorporate multiple layers. This way, you can shed what you don’t need during the heat of the afternoon, and during the cold nights you can put back on more layers.  With these tips, one should be able to conquer the unpredictable weather with your transitional wardrobe.