The “Book Buzz” Pick of the Week: The Midnight Library

Elena Rouse, Co-Culture Editor

This week’s book recommendation is Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library. Getting soaring rates on Goodreads, as well as being on The New York Times Best-Seller List for multiple weeks in a row, this novel is one that has taken countless readers on a journey beyond themselves.This is Haig’s third popular release, the other two titled Reasons to Stay Alive and How to Stop Time.

Everyone wonders what their life would be like if they had made different choices in life. Who would they be? Where would they be? Who would they love? Every decision a person makes affects the way their path unfurls. The Midnight Library dives into that idea and breaks it wide open, giving readers the transcending experience of “what-ifs” lived out. 

The plot of the novel follows Nora Seed. She is in some of her most troubling moments. Nora is full of regret after making certain life choices, and somehow finds herself at the edge of the universe. There, she finds herself in a place called The Midnight Library. It is in this library that Nora meets her high school librarian, who explains to Nora that this library houses books of all the different paths she could have taken in life. Suddenly, Nora is faced with an infinite number of books, one section specificia;ly titled the books of regrets. Suddenly, regretful Nora is able to see all the paths her life could have gone if she had made different life choices. She is faced with the choice of seeing how her life could have turned out if she chose differently, and if she wants to change how her life turned out. The novel is a philosophical and in-depth look into life, it’s worth and what every choice does for us. 

Goodreads member Nulufer Ozmekik shared her thoughts on the novel.

“This book is not only about Nora Seed who is trapped in her life, seeing herself a failure, a disposable human waste who has nothing to achieve, will never be missed by anyone” Ozmekik wrote. “It’s about regrets, unfinished plans, what ifs, approval of families, drugs, mistakes, giving up, realizing other people’s dreams, self regret, insecurities, self harm, love, passion and hate.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter and Haigs’ website, the book is set to be made into a movie. It’s set to release in Autumn 2021 with Haig as an executive director. 

The novel is all about second chances, something wanted by everyone at least once in their lives. The commonness of the book’s theme among all of humanity makes it out to resonate in some way with all who read it. It leaves one wanting to see their own Midnight Library. 

“If you aim to be something you are not, you will always fail,” Haig’s wrote in the novel, “Aim to be you.”