Villavogue: 2021 Spring Handbag Trends

Kaelin Trombly, Staff Writer

One of the most neglected accessories of this past year is the handbag. With little to nothing to do, thanks to COVID-19, you’ve probably opted to carry around your most practical bag when you actually need one.


As we approach spring and warm weather, it is apparent that restrictions are starting to loosen. With returning to normalcy  hopefully in the near future, new handbag trends are starting to emerge that have been seen in fashion weeks from Paris, Copenhagen, Milan and everything in between. If you are in search of a new purse this season, make it one of these spring 2021 trends – they won’t let you down.


Chains. We’ve been seeing handbags with chain handles since the 2019 runways, but this time, they are back and bolder than ever. The extra-long links add a bit of edge to any leather pouch purse. Examples of this trend can be found at high end shops such as Manu Atelier and DeMellier, and more affordable options are on Shein and Amazon.


Curved Carryall. The curved carryall can be described as a shoulder bag or tote made with a crescent shaped top closure and a single strap. These bags come in all sorts of colors and materials, and it is the iconic shape that allows this handbag to stand out. One can dream to own the Bottega Veneta BV Banana carryall one day.


On-Point Totes. The days of square-shaped totes are over. Spring 2021 is all about sleek and sharp totes with pointed edges. These handbags are certainly elegant yet have a taste of practicality to them. Examples of such can be found at Bergdorf Goodman, Marni, Net-A-Porter and more.


Tech Savvy. This day in age makes it easy to just leave the house with only a phone in hand. Our whole world is at our fingertips. Want to order food? Doordash. Need a ride? Uber. To comply with our evolving lifestyle, designers have started creating stylish crossbody phone holders for those who wish to travel light and look fashionable while doing so. The phone holder trend has been seen across Chanel and Balenciaga runways this year and are in full swing for spring.


Pillow Bags. No, we aren’t talking about the pillow you sleep with every night. Pillow bags are purses made of supremely supple scrunched, puffed and padded leathers. The excess leather used creates a cloud/pillow effect on the handbag worth obsessing over.


Color. As we know, with spring comes bright colors. No matter the silhouette or size of the handbag, opt for a bright colored hue. The biggest color trends for this upcoming season are mellow yellow, bubblegum pink, pastel purple, tennis-ball green and tangerine orange.


From tech-gadget couriers to roomy totes, there are plenty of practical yet elegant styles of handbags for this upcoming spring season.