Spring at Villanova: Students’ Favorite Outdoor Activities

Maddie Schieder, Staff Writer

With the weather consistently above 55 degrees the past two weeks, Villanova students have been flocking outside to soak up the sunshine.

Exposure to sunlight is proven to boost serotonin levels, which is great for occupied and overwhelmed student minds dealing with this pandemic and upcoming finals. 

All across campus, students are making the best of their time outside, getting away from the hustle of studying for finals. Students are doing their best at following Community First guidelines and wearing masks outdoors in large groups despite the risk of gaining a mask tan line.

Music echoes throughout all of campus as the weather brightens up, and it brings the community together. Students play cornhole, football and even lacrosse in the quad, giving Villanova a true college atmosphere. It becomes impossible to find an empty table outside of the Connelly Center and Bartley Hall because of how excited Villanovans are for some outside time away from studying in their dorms.

Intramurals have started back up, which means the Driscoll basketball courts have been packed. The same goes for the field outside of Dougherty Hall, which hosts many softball games. Sheehan beach is also a very popular spot for students to get some fresh air by playing soccer, football or just laying out and getting a nice tan. Students have also been taking up Spikeball, relaxing in the grass, putting their portable chairs to use and playing beach volleyball. What’s better than a nice game of Spikeball for a study break?

Some hidden gems around campus that are perfect for gaining some vitamin-D are the grass area outside of the President’s home on West campus and Stoneleigh Gardens, which is available to the public and perfect for a mid-day picnic. Basketball courts around campus are always packed when the weather gets warmer, and students become more active knowing they can be outside without a jacket. The tables outside of the Commons are a great study spot with a perfect view of campus. Speaking of perfect views, the terrace above the Performing Arts Center looking out onto Lancaster and the rest of Main Campus is an amazing outlook. Tables and chairs are provided, but get there early – it is a fan favorite.

The nice weather has revitalized campus, mirroring a somewhat normal college year. Having full tables and seats by The Oreo has never felt better and makes students appreciate life a little bit more. 

With COVID-19, it seems as though every individual has gained a larger appreciation for outdoor time apart from worrying about the virus. Just a year ago, we had to learn what it was like to be stuck at home, embracing our daily family walks in the sunshine, and now college students have embraced the nice weather more than ever.