Upcoming Campus Open Mic Night For Social Justice


Courtesy of @vu_casa Instagram

Students can join the Open Mic Night for Justice to speak their minds.

Silu Liu, Staff Writer

Open Mic Night has a long history and most of the time, it exists in some coffeehouse or pub where the audience can perform on the stage. Basically, a microphone is the key to an open mic. It does not matter whether you want to sing, dance, read or just speak. There is always a theme for specific open mic nights that all performers try to use to relay ideas to the audience. Therefore, people can all enjoy, laugh and think about the theme.

This semester, the University has made a great effort in creating an enjoyable and safe environment as a whole. Every single person has faced some hardship in this past year, but there is no doubt that this rapidly changing year challenged people to be a better version of themselves. Students faced challenges and then overcame them.

At this moment in time, students all need a chance to speak out their voices.

That is where Open Mic Night for Justice comes in.

Get immersed in this experience of speaking out your voice around the theme of social justice.

It is a chance for students to speak out about the theme of social justice. Discrimination, healthcare, human rights and equity could all be in the range of topics to speak on.

The Open Mic for Justice is a collaboration across a range of campus offices, departments and student groups seeking to create a space for artistic expression and performances that gives voice to visions, hopes and dreams for a transformed world. The event will also include a fundraiser and raffles to benefit the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia.

At the same time, it also seeks to create a space to imagine equitable futures of a world that sometimes feels inconceivable. The event is eager to witness the possibility of the impossible. By registering for the event to be a performer, one will have the chance to express his or her thoughts.

“The open mic is a space for a wide range of solo or group artistic expressions,” Edward Sloane, Coordinator of Service and Justice Experiences of Campus Ministry & Initiator of Open Mic Night for Justice, said. “Song, dramatic readings, comedy, sketches and skits, dance and beyond are all welcome.”

Join the Open Mic Night on Saturday, April. 24. Everyone is invited to take the stage to express their opinions and any themes they want to talk about surrounding social justice. The event will run from 7-8:50 p.m on the Riley Ellipse. Raffles for t-shirts and bookstore merchandise will be going on during the event. The food trucks will be provided as well.

Please reach out to Ed Sloane with any questions at [email protected].