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Need a break from all those tedious textbooks you have to read for classes? Pick up a copy of Dennis Bruce’s “Party Thru College: The Official Party Animal’s Guide to College” – it’s a hilarious, easy-to-read parody on the college life we all know and love. It teaches how to do the minimal amount of work with the maximum amount of partying.

It also offers humorous tips on how to find the best parties, how to manage the barely passable GPA (2.0) and even how to dress as a screw-up. It’s a refreshing laugh-out-loud book that you’ll be tempted to actually follow.

Dennis Bruce is an honors graduate of Pennsylvania State University and has appeared on HBO as well as many other talk shows and programs. He has also performed at comedy clubs such as the Casino in Atlantic City and Caroline’s in Manhattan. Here he gives us the inside scoop on “Party Thru College.”

Q: What is the main message/point of Party Thru College?

A: It is a satirical parody of college, professors and basically the whole experience. The main concept is a humorous one, not to be taken literally. The main point is that flunking out is a short-lived phenomenon, but screwing up takes four years. Therefore keeping you in college but with as little effort as possible. Of course, it’s just a parody.

Q: What aspects of college does Party Thru College cover?

A: It has a lot of things, such as career opportunities for screw-ups, dealing with strange faculty, best places to live on campus, which frat parties are the best, etc. It covers a lot of areas of college, but in a satirical way.

Q: What gave you the incentive to write such a book?

A: Back in the ’80s, I used to be a fan of comedians. Stand-up comics do a lot of writing, and I realized that college is a fertile ground for a really funny book.

In many parodies of college, the two main things guys do are drinking beer and chasing girls. I thought writing it was very humorous, sort of a cross between “Animal House” and the Preppy Handbook.

Q: Did you have any experiences in college similar to anything found in the book?

A: I didn’t party all that much. I did chase girls. I did go to frat parties, but I didn’t partake in heavy drinking games.

I just observed. I rented a room in the fraternity and didn’t realize it, but this was the “Animal House,” the most rowdy frat house on campus. It partied three to four days a week, everyone in the house was on academic probation, etc. But I just observed it.

Q: Did you observe any particular colleges, or was it based on your own general knowledge and experience?

A: I did go to University of Delaware. College partying is constant. I did some research online about colleges, but most of it is based on my own Penn State experiences.

Q: Do you think anyone is actually going to try to use some of these tips?

A: It’s basically meant to be comedic. It’s not a serious book. It has a textbook feel. I was trying to satirize the voice of scholastic authority. Q: What would your actual message be to college students everywhere today?

A: Don’t take things too seriously. Get a good education, but give yourself a chance to really experience college. Enjoy yourself. Don’t overdo it. You can never go back to those years of your life.