WXVU announces Ace Enders as 2010 spring concert

Lauren McCarthy

Mark your calendars: WXVU, Villanova’s student-run radio station, has just announced their spring concert, and it’s bigger and better than anything they’ve done before. 

 On Feb. 19, WXVU will welcome Ace Enders to the Belle Air Terrace in the Connelly Center for an intimate concert for all Villanova students, free of charge.  

Enders is best known for his early work in the pop-punk band The Early November, as well as his later solo projects, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business and Ace Enders and a Million Different People. 

 It is this longevity and large recognition of Enders’ career that WXVU Promotions Director, senior Joe Caravalho, believes will make this show unlike anything WXVU has previously produced. 

“In the past we’ve had Say Hi, Jukebox the Ghost, Murder By Death and other acts that are pretty big on the indie scene but often unheard of by most students on campus,” Caravalho says. “We at WXVU are all pretty excited about this show.  It should be the kind of concert that everyone can enjoy. Ace has been in three well-known bands and has performed solo shows throughout his career.”

Caravalho is confident that Enders will appeal to the entire Villanova campus, with the length of Enders’ career creating a wide range of fans.

“Older students may have grown up listening to The Early November while younger students started listening to Ace Enders and a Million Different People,” Caravalho says. “His style has been consistent over the years.” 

Picking an artist for the spring concert was not an easy process for WXVU, with the station’s executive board putting much effort into selecting an artist both liked by the station and also appealing to the Villanova community as a whole.

Senior Andrew Moriarty, general manager of WXVU, thinks Enders is the perfect choice. 

 “A lot of people at the station are really big on him,” he says. “His last record, ‘Ace Enders and a Million Different People,’ charted very well on our College Music Journal charts, and a lot of people were fans of his old band, The Early November.”

Moriarty believes that this year’s concert will be even more popular than last spring’s successful Matt Duke and Lucas Carpenter show, due to the magnitude of Enders’ name combined with his undeniable likability.

“He’s got a good sound which will not only appeal to his fans, but to the greater Villanova community. The singer-songwriter sound, popular with Villanova students, is the perfect vibe for the show we want to put on.” 

Enders will be sure to live up to these high expectations on Feb. 19 with selections from all three of his music projects, as the station prepares to give Villanova students a night of music from a talented artist. 

“I know people are getting a little edgy about NovaFest and the lack of a fall concert, and we want to bring some free programming to Villanova from a guy we know students will love,” Moriarty says. “People want this kind of entertainment here on campus, and we’re happy to give it to them.”