Keepin’ It Reel: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ returns

Tania Jachens

Very rarely does a TV show come along that can engage and entertain across the board. 

While some people like the otherworldliness of “Lost” or the outrageous humor of “Family Guy,” others prefer the saccharine dramatics of “Grey’s Anatomy” or the musical unpredictability of “American Idol.”  

But there has finally come a show, in the most unlikely of forms, that incorporates the best of all those hit shows: “Dancing with the Stars.”

 If ballroom dancing isn’t exactly your thing, bear with me as I explain why this upcoming season of “DWTS” has something exciting to offer everyone. 

It’s safe to say that this season’s cast of celebrities who will try to cha-cha their way into our hearts and win our votes is the best and most diverse group in the show’s history. 

I do not consider myself a die-hard “DWTS” viewer. However, I always tune in when things get interesting, and I believe that this season will be exceptionally entertaining. 

With eye candy for all and celebrities ranging from a star athlete to a historical icon to a reality show tabloid star, it’s easy to find someone to root for. 

The female contestants alone are quite an eyeful. Rumors have long been swirling that Pamela Anderson would join the cast of “DWTS” and now she is finally taking part in season 10. I hope for all our sakes that she’s not too top-heavy. 

Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, will also be sashaying onto the stage, and with all her dance and performance experience, she may prove to be one of the show’s front-runners.

 Erin Andrews, an ESPN reporter who became famous after a certain Peeping Tom incident, is also taking to the stage. It should be interesting to see how she handles herself without a microphone in hand. 

For the necessary dose of drama, look no further than these next three ladies.

 Kate Gosselin, from the ill-fated “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” will try to revamp her image by growing out her hair and trying not to look like a psycho. My only question is: who’s going to babysit the kids? 

In a throwback to the ’90s, Shannen Doherty of the original “90210” will also be joining the cast even after vehemently speaking out against such reality shows. 

The bold and always hilarious Niecy Nash from “Reno 911” will also try her luck on the dance floor. I look forward to a feud between these three dramatic ladies and possibly even some hair extension-pulling.

And with “DWTS’s” track record of stellar athlete participants, these next two competitors should be no surprise. Chad Ochocinco, wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, will compete to see if he can handle his dancing shoes as a football, and it will be interesting to see if recent Olympic gold medal winning figure skater, Evan Lysacek, can make ballroom dancing look as effortless as a triple-toe-loop on ice. 

With all the past gold medalist participants of “DWTS,” including Apolo Ohno, Kristi Yamaguchi and Shawn Johnson, taking home the disco-ball trophy, Lysacek has a lot to live up to. 

Finally, there are three men who will be competing for the most female votes. British stud Aiden Turner, from the soap “All My Children,” as well as the most recent “Bachelor” airline pilot Jake Pavelka, will be taking to the floor to see if their good looks can translate into smooth moves.

 Last, but certainly not least, is my pick for this season’s dark horse, world-renowned astronaut, Buzz Aldrin. Though he may be 80 years old, he seems quite confident in his ability to kick the younger competitors’ butts. 

Frankly, if he can walk on the moon, I’m certain he can bust a move on the dance floor, too. 

All in all, this season of “Dancing with the Stars,” is going to be sexy, entertaining and bound to inspire you to try your own luck with the waltz, rumba and tango. But hopefully in the privacy of your dorm room.