University welcomes car share program

Greg Doyle

Tomorrow, the University will launch its first car share service through Connect by Hertz to provide carless students with the convenience of on-campus vehicles.

Connect by Hertz began in 2008 as a car service for major metropolitan areas, including New York City, London and Paris. 

Over the next two years, the program began coordinating with universities throughout the United States and Canada. Today, 39 universities in the United States and two in Canada use Connect by Hertz, according to the company’s website.

The decision to welcome a car share service on campus began over a year ago, according to Tom Mogan, director of student development.

“The idea initially came from SGA back in the fall of last year, under Dan [Gelwicks] and Spencer [Curtis],” Mogan said. “We started to research different companies out there, including Philly Car Share, Zip Car and Hertz.”

After evaluating the three companies and the services that they each provided, two vendors were selected to give a presentation on campus, according to Mogan. Zip Car and Hertz gave an in-depth overview of their respective programs to an audience of students, public safety officers and administrators. 

“They were very similar in terms of pricing structure and services provided,” Mogan said. “We already have several internships available to students through Hertz, so we saw this as a potential partnership between Hertz and Villanova.”

Cars will be available tomorrow in the Admissions Lot next to Moriarity Hall. Students have a choice of three cars and pricing options through Connect by Hertz: a Mazda 3 at $8 per hour; a Ford Escape at $9 per hour; and a Mini Cooper at $11 per hour, according to Mogan. 

Any student, faculty or staff member over the age of 18 with a driver’s license –– including international licenses –– is eligible to rent a car through Connect by Hertz.

“I don’t think the car share service is going to solve the parking problem,” Mogan said. “I do think it is a good alternative to those who can’t have a car on campus, though.”