Career adviser offers post-grad guidance

Nick Donohue

Career advice speaker, author and former corporate vice president Andy Teach spoke to University students on Oct. 18 about climbing the corporate ladder and how to make the transition from college to a career effectively. 

After 23 years of working for the same marketing company, Teach was let go from his position. 

His presentation focused on what he did right and wrong throughout his career, advice for college graduates and his general timeline and career-path. 

“Little things make a big difference,” Teach said. “If I am interviewing two people for an internship and it is very close, thank you notes could make the difference. As crazy as that sounds, seemingly little things like thank you notes can be the difference between getting a job or not.”

Teach graduated from Rutgers University with bachelor’s degrees in business administration and human communication.

He spoke of his unusual career path, beginning with his job at a Florida tree nursery, which lasted only three weeks. 

Though he was initially “anti-corporation,” Teach realized after his nursery experience that maybe a steady job in the air conditioning wasn’t so bad.

Teach discussed the importance of properly utilizing social networking sites in the business world, citing Facebook and Twitter as key resources for those on the job search. He also introduced different types of social networks to the audience that are more tailored toward professionals, including 

Teach then outlined the four different generations of workers, the different qualities of each group and how a recently graduated college student can effectively bridge the gap between each generation during his or her transition after college.

“Go with the flow, at least in the beginning,” Teach said. “Get a great reputation as a worker first, and develop a strong understanding of the company before you try to correct those with much more experience. And if you are initially frustrated, try to stick it out.”

At the end of his presentation in Garey Hall, Teach gave away one copy of his book, “From Graduation to Corporation,” to an attendee of his lecture. 

The book was written following Teach’s departure from the marketing company and highlights his insight on climbing the corporate ladder and finding success in the corporate world.