Ten Signs…you missed ‘Nova over break.

Kirsten Eversen

10. Within an hour of getting home, you were already bored and looking for something to do. 

9. Naturally, you binge-watched Netflix all night while missing your friends by your side to justify your addiction. 

8.  Getting up in the morning just wasn’t the same without a roommate to motivate you. 

7. When you attempted to do schoolwork over break, you realized you left a book in your dorm.

6. You also realized you forgot how to study outside of Falvey.

5. Your hometown Yik Yak proved nowhere near comparable to Villanova’s. 

4. You missed the beautiful fall scenery on campus because there weren’t many insta ops at home.

3. When spending time with your friends from home, all you talked about was Villanova. 

2. Every day over break you wore some sort of Villanova apparel. 

1. Homecoming Weekend, Special Olympics and the start of basketball season made you want to return to campus more than ever.