The Bill Belichick Sports Character Development Summer Camp

Tom Trainer

     Is your child lacking self-confidence? Are there moments when your child seems like the biggest wimp in the world? Do you wish your little prodigy had more of a competitive edge out on the court or in the field? If so, The Bill Belichick Sports Character Development Summer Camp for Kids is for you!

    Join camp director and founder Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots, along with his star-studded team of experienced and world renowned experts in character building and leadership development of youth athletes. The camp is glad to be joined once again by wonderful counselors Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, Marion Jones, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Ray Rice, Michael Vick, Luis Suarez, Elizabeth Lambert, Riley Cooper and O.J. Simpson.

    Before your kids take to the field, they need the proper fuel to give them enough energy to demolish and utterly humiliate the competition. Nutrition and conditioning experts Lance, Marion and A-Rod will educate campers on the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet comprised of the crucial basic food groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy, bread, meat and supplemental performance enhancing substances. What your child puts into his or her body is as crucial to success as practicing, but these counselors will teach your kids about the nutritional substances that are even more valuable than practice.

    Speaking of gaining a competitive advantage before the competition begins, camp director Belichick will be joined by his star quarterback and very own prodigy child, Tom, to demonstrate importance of preparation. Bill and Tom will teach your child how to study plays, practice drills, study other team’s plays and secretly watch other teams practice drills. With these two accomplished heroes, your children will learn about the importance of methodically, deliberately and psychotically looking for any and every advantage that your children can get over the opponent before the competition even starts so that there is virtually no way they can lose. In fact, what some people call cheating, coach Bill calls opportunism. We at Bill Belichick Character Development Camp firmly believe that if you aren’t cheating, you’re not trying. 

    In addition, campers will go to honesty and relationship building workshops with Tiger and Ray. At these workshops, your child will be taught the value of being honest only when it is more profitable than lying. Tiger and Ray will also teach the campers about treating others as they deserve to be treated. We believe that strong friendships and relationships are extremely important for the wellbeing of your young athlete. Your child’s best friend should be a person who makes them happy and who won’t upset them. They should be there to support and relax your athlete when they are away from the pressures of athletic stardom. This is why Tiger will teach your children that it is important that, if their best friend isn’t making them happy, they should try to find lots and lots of new ones, without telling their best friend. Ray will compliment Tiger’s instruction by teaching your children that, if their best friend is acting out of line, they should teach them a lesson so that they don’t act out again. We want your little sluggers to be surrounded only by those who make them feel good and will enable them to put their best foot forward.

    Similarly, O.J. and Michael will educate you kids on the importance of building relationships with people who can get you out of sticky situations that might otherwise ruin a promising career. Indeed, it is important to have friends, but it is most important to have powerful friends who can make all of your problems disappear.    

      Perhaps your child needs more of an internal than external change. If your child doesn’t seem to have the same inner fire as other kids on the pitch, Luis and Elizabeth will straighten that out real quickly with various competitive edge development techniques. They will teach your child how to put fear into the opponents. After Luis and Elizabeth are finished with them, your kids will be clawing, scratching, pulling, kicking, pushing and biting for every inch out on the field of play.

     Finally, we are happy to welcome first-year counselor Jameis Winston, who will be joining Riley Cooper in training your kids through a rigorous maturity improvement workshop, titled “Things You Can Say and Do When Others Aren’t Watching.”     

     Your kids are sure to have a great summer with Head Coach Bill Belichick and some of the finest role models the world has to offer! Located just off of Route 1 and Interstate 95 in Foxborough, Massachusetts, and a short drive from Logan International Airport, the camp is accessible to families up and down the northeastern corridor and around the country. 

     Join the hundreds of other families who happily send their children to Bill Belichick Sports Character Development Camp for Kids, “Where we make winners out of wimps, at all costs!”