Villanova Celebrates Parents Weekend


Courtesy of Elena Rouse

Villanova families from across the country travelled to the University to celebrate Family Weekend.

Nicole Celis

This past weekend, Villanova families from across the country travelled to the University to celebrate Family Weekend. It was a time for students to reconnect with their families and spend the weekend together on campus. This year, the highlight for many families was the tailgate party and football game on Saturday.

The University hosted a wide array of events for students and families to partake in. While many families were still travelling to campus on Friday, events started in the late afternoon for those arriving early enough. The Villanova University Horticulturist hosted a Campus Tree Tour, the University Art Gallery presented “Modern Masters: Work on Paper from the Collection”in an Open House and Villanova field hockey beat Providence, 5-3, at Proving Grounds in Conshohocken. Friday evening, there was an A Cappella showcase, at which each group had the opportunity to perform for families and community members.

Early Saturday morning, there was the Junior Ring Blessing for all current juniors who ordered a Senior Ring to get blessed. Junior Anna Staiger attended the blessing.

“The ring that I received with my family at the Junior Ring Ceremony is a symbol of my love for Villanova that I will always carry close to me,” Staiger said. 

There were many academic events throughout the day, including an Ethics symposium and an informational session presented by the Office of Education Abroad. Villanova Business School also hosted events showcasing its business minor opportunities for students majoring in Arts, Sciences, Engineering and Nursing. University President Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A, Ph.D., held a President’s Welcome speech on Saturday morning as well, welcoming families back to the campus. 

Arguably the most anticipated part of the weekend was the football tailgate on the Campus Green and football game against Richmond. Students and families were able to purchase tailgating tents on the Green on Saturday before the game. Families flocked the area to enjoy food and drinks with people that they have not been able to see in a long time. This was reminiscent of Family Weekend 2019, because families were able to reunite in a way that COVID-19 did not permit last year. Friends were able to introduce their parents to those of their friends and roommates, and the entire Green was packed with family members. 

Junior Maddy Hagan was one of the students that rented a tailgate on the Green spaces. 

“Coming from California, it’s hard for my parents to meet my friends and their parents, so I jumped at the opportunity to host a tailgate,” Hagan said. “It was so easy and probably one of my favorite experiences at Villanova so far.”

There were also food trucks, yard games and a marching band send-off on the Riley Ellipse. The Villanova Stadium was packed with fans, who all cheered on the football team in their 34-27 victory over Richmond. 

Many students took advantage of their families’ visits by going out to different restaurants during the weekend. University-favorite restaurants were booked weeks in advance for dinner and brunch. Among those fan favorite restaurants included LaScala’s Fire, White Dog Cafe, Main and Vine and First Watch (if you were willing to wait). Students were able to have a brief break of dining hall cuisine in substitute for a nice restaurant dinner. 

The weekend concluded on Sunday with the Family Weekend Mass on the Campus Green. This was the last event for many students and families unless they attended a last Sunday brunch together. Families packed up their cars or headed to the airport as students returned to their dorms to catch up on homework or sleep. Many students said goodbye to their families until Fall Break commences on Oct. 11.