GoNOVA Jobs gives students the tools to seek their futures



Kelsey Tyler



As the snow finally begins to melt and the humidity sets in, Villanova students all over campus have one thing on their minds: summer. Students’ summer plans range from relaxing at home with their families, studying abroad in far-away lands, or setting foot into the adult world of internships and employment.

The latter option is when GoNOVA Jobs comes into play. The university’s primary job posting resource run by the career center, GoNOVA Jobs manages listings for full-time and part-time employment, as well as internships. This web-based career management system can also help Undergraduate/Graduate School Students, Transfer Students, Alumni and the entire Experience national network connect on a singular database.

Each Villanova student has immediate access to a GoNOVA Jobs account. Individuals can log into GoNOVA by typing in a username—their Villanova email address—and entering a password—their banner ID. After signing in, students can update their own profiles however they prefer by adding personal or academic information, career preferences, or continued academic plans. 

Betty Jane Cornell, Recruiting Coordinator for the Villanova University Career Center, praises the format of the GoNOVA Jobs student profile as well. She states, “It is important to keep all information that will be attractive to an employer on one page for easy access each time a student applies to a job.” And with GoNOVA Jobs, one can do just that.

Uploading and publishing a résumé is also possible through GoNOVA Jobs and can be extremely useful. According to Cornell, students have the ability to “tailor specific résumés to specific jobs on GoNOVA.” Additionally, Cornell recommends “students put their résumés into a résumé book that that we handle. Then, when employers ask the Career Center for résumés, we look through the book for specific criteria and send it along.” 

Above all, GoNOVA Jobs acts as a wonderful search engine for jobs and internships. The advanced search provides students with the ability to refine their job search criteria, from keyword, to location, to job function or industry. One-click searches from categories entitled newest jobs, jobs with upcoming deadlines, and jobs with interviews scheduled, can constantly keep students up to date on approaching openings. 

News of employment opportunities proves to be especially important this time of year. The Career Center handles this news by emailing weekly updates from GoNOVA Jobs with the newest deadlines and events concerning career opportunities through their customized Career Center Newswire. By highlighting opportunities that are especially featured on GoNOVA, the newswire provides students with easy access to further explore specific events and job openings of interest.

Once individuals find the right fit with a possible internship or job opportunity, they can add it to a customized “favorite jobs” folder.  Students can also customize multiple “favorite jobs” folders, organizing them based on location, industry, and more. 

Not only does GoNOVA Jobs quickly and easily match students to possible job opportunities, it also allows for easy access to the start of any application process. At the bottom of the “description” page of an internship, a purple “Apply Now” button sends students’ applications straight to an employer’s application page.

Several success stories result from connections made right from GoNOVA Jobs. Sophomore Communications Major Kelsey Brown is an avid user of the system, and strongly advocates for the website, as it helped her to acquire an internship interview for this upcoming summer. Brown says, “I think it’s a great, accessible tool customized just for Villanova students, which really helps to narrow down the time it takes to look for relevant internships.”

Signing into this database and navigating its many features can provide students with an advantageous tool to use in the tiring internship or job search, especially with summer just around the corner. Experts at the Career Center are more than happy to assist any student in expanding his or her professional horizons.