What does an international teen heart throb order at CampCo?


Styles with a fan at Campus Corner.

Claire Hoffman

The answer is a cheesesteak with fried onions. At least that’s what Harry Styles, member of the pop boy-band One Direction, ordered on his visit to the local eatery this past Monday night, joining the ranks of other famous Campus Corner customers including Will Smith and Julius Erving.

“It was very quiet when he came in,” Anthony Iezzi, a Campus Corner employee recalled, “only a couple people recognized him at first.” Styles was not alone however, and arrived with an impressive posse, including an unknown companion he seemed particularly close with. “It appeared as though he was with a friend who was from around the area and she brought him to try cheesesteaks,” said Iezzi.

It was at the conclusion of the multiple Teen Choice Award winner’s trip that the frenzy began. “As he walked out, people asked if they could take a picture with him,” which Iezzi said he consented to, “He was nice in that regard.”

The fans’ pictures quickly circulated around social media bringing on a slew of mixed reactions from Villanova students. “If I could pick one person in the world to meet, it would be Harry Styles,” Sophomore Elizabeth Harris professed, “The fact that I didn’t meet him makes me want to cry.” Harris has followed One Direction’s successes since 2011 and has a particular partiality for the long-locked frontman. “I like how kind and generous he is. Everyone thinks he’s a stuckup playboy but I disagree. He once spent his day off in Los Angeles giving out pizza to homeless people.”

Others were less enthused about the star’s appearance. “I don’t know if this is shallow,” VSB student Gaby Watson said, “but I just don’t think he’s cute, so I don’t care.” Some even took the opportunity to publicly question the legitimacy of the band’s achievements. A source that chose to remain anonymous remarked that, “[One Direction’s] music isn’t exceptional. It’s the same old recycled pop music from four, semi-attractive boys. The most attractive one’s gone.” he went on to comment that Zayn, the band member who departed from the group this past March was “easily the most attractive” and was, “scary in a sexy way.”

Though opinions regarding Styles and his career differ, that his presence was felt beyond the walls of Campus Corner is undeniable. Once word spread of his visit, mobs of young women, many of them Villanovan students, swarmed to the restaurant to see if they could catch a glimpse of the British icon. “There are girls crying out in front of the store,” Iezzi commented after Style’s departure.

Those who were too late missed an opportunity of a lifetime to chat with and take photos with a performer many would say is at the peak of his career. “It was very exciting,” Iezzi said, “We were glad to have him.”  

Though much of the speculation of his appearance has been resolved, many questions still remain. Why didn’t he go to Philadelphia to try a Philly Cheesesteak? Did he enjoy it or were his foreign taste buds not properly equipped to handle such a classic American dish? If his “friend” really is from the area, can we expect a Villanova reference in the next 1D album, a la Drake’s “DnF”?