Ten Signs… you’ve probably encountered a ghost on campus



Sophia Pizzi

10. You’ve heard strange noises walking through the basement of Tolentine.

9. You’ve walked through the tunnel to West late at night and felt someone’s presence even though you were alone. 

8. Your laundry was mysteriously taken out of the dryer…those darn ghosts are so impatient.

7. They also must really like bananas, because every time you go to get one at the Pit they seem to have vanished.

6. You’ve learned that going into the West Falvey Stacks alone is just not an option. 

5. Who’s the gremlin that changes the Stall Street Journal every month? Riddle me that, folks. 

4. You’ve questioned the suit of arms that chills in the cyber lounge. If not, you’re questioning it now. 

3. You’ve been walking on flat ground and suddenly trip out of no where. (Ok now you just WISH it was a ghost because LOL I’m embarrassed 4 u.)

2. You’ve recently asked yourself: “Has this kid been in my class all semester?” (The answer is no, probably not.)

1. Sooo the real question is…why are there so many ghosts here? Maybe they just really like oreos.