Restaurant of the week: The Silverspoon: seasonally inspired, sustainable ingredients



Joanna Carbone

For this week’s review, I changed things up and decided to try out a new breakfast spot. Villanova is the University of brunch goers, and there are some fan favorites but not many. So I decided to venture off on my own and find a new place to brunch, and I found a hidden gem. 

The Silverspoon is a small restaurant serving brunch and dinner. The restaurant is what I would call a fashion of home-style, southern and rustic comfort food. The brunch menu focuses on eggs and sandwiches, from which I went with the herb roasted chicken hash, with two fried eggs. The dish was savory and flavorful, and like nothing I have eaten before. 

I drank four full cups of coffee, and wrapped up the meal with the espresso sugar dusted doughnuts from their dessert menu. 

The doughnuts were probably not the best breakfast choice, but they were well worth the mid morning splurge. 

The Silverspoon is definitely one of my favorite breakfast places near the University. The menu is diverse and has more than just fancy pancakes—not to shame the classic brunch spots. Definitely make a trip to the Silverspoon next time you can’t commit to just breakfast or lunch.