10 Signs… you’re a music nerd.



Sophia Pizzi

10. Your Spotify playlists make no sense. Your shuffle goes from Van Morrison to One Direction… you just accept it at this point.

9. You can’t control yourself when you’re around instruments. You NEED TO PLAY.

8. You try to get your friends to listen to Carole King but they just don’t understand the magic of “Tapestry.”  Apparently they only understand tapestries as trendy wall decor.

7. You live for seeing your favorite artists live, and shamelessly fangirl the entire concert until you lose your voice and your ability to even.

6. There’s no better thrill than performing your own music live either.

5. You hang out in the cyber lounge whenever someone is playing the piano. 

4. You also fangirl/fanboy the a Cappella groups on campus. 

3. Earphones are basically another part of your body.

2. It’s not a bonfire until there’s a guitar or ukulele amirite?

1. The basement of St. Mary’s is like a second home for you and your music groupies.