Alpha Phi denies support for “Safe Campus Act”



Maria McGeary

On Nov. 12 Alpha Phi became the first sorority to deny support of the Safe Campus Act, endorsed by the National Penhellenic Conference. Recently introduced to Congress, the Safe Campus Act seeks to reform sexual assault allegation proceedings on college campuses across the nation. 

Among several regulations introduced by the act is the requirement of the accuser to file a report with law enforcement in order to request on-campus disciplinary action. 

Supporters of this act believe it should be left to the impartial training of law enforcement to investigate allegations of this type. Others believe that legislation of this kind favors the accused. “We believe our sisters who are survivors should have choices in how, when and to whom they go to for support or to report the crime,” Alpha Phi’s national office said in the statement announcing its refusal to support the act. “They should have their own voice and the support and encouragement they need to move forward including reporting as they choose to.”

Currently the third-largest sorority in the country, Alpha Phi was one of the original organizations to form the NPC. 

The NPC and North American Interfraternity Conference have both funded lobbying for the Safe Campus Act, causing individual organizations to break ties and clarify their stance. 

“We believe universities should remain accountable for the safety of their campuses, and should continue to raise the bar to ensure that they report and respond to crimes and keep students safe” the statement continued. “Their ability to do so should not be diminished.” National sorority offices immediately began following suit, releasing statements to declare their lack of support.

Due to national organization regulations, the University Chapter of Alpha Phi was unable to comment.

Introduced in July of 2015, The Safe Campus Act comes just one year after the launch of Obama’s “It’s On Us,” campaign, urging a solution to the outrageous statistics of campus sexual assault. 

“We are a nation that values liberty and equality and justice.” Obama said in September of 2014. “And we’re a people who believe every child deserves an education that allows them to fulfill their God-given potential, free from fear of intimidation or violence. It is on all of us to reject the quiet tolerance of sexual assault and to refuse to accept what’s unacceptable.”



The original article was posted stating that the National Panhellenic and North American Interfraternity Conference have lobbied for the Safe Campus Act, “causing individual organizations to break ties and clarify their stance.” The NPC and NIC have withdrawn their support of the Safe Campus Act. No organizations have broken ties with the NPC and NIC.