SGA election results announced at Oreo



Maria McGeary

The 5:15 p.m. bells of Corr Chapel rang loudly as Student Body President Kyle Lubiejewski and Vice President Patrick Long took the steps of the Oreo to announce the results of the Student Government election for 2016-17 student body President and Vice President. Approximately 2,300 votes were cast. Bobby Roenitz and John Puszcz took 39% of the vote, while Ryan Rogers and Kelly Miller trailed closed behind, claiming 38.5%.

SGA Constitution states that a majority of the vote must be won in order to claim the position. Because neither party won more than 50% of the votes, a run-off election between the top two tickets will be held on Monday, April 18 at noon, with polls closing at noon on Tuesday.

Both candidates remain optimistic about the election. “Going around, campaigning last night, we talked to a lot of people who said they already voted for us, so that was pretty reassuring,” Bobby Roenitz said, current SGA treasurer and presidential candidate. “We’re psyched to continue the campaign and continue pushing so we can support all students at Villanova University.”

Rogers, who is running for President alongside Kelly Miller, is pleased with the opportunity to keep his campaign alive for another week. “We were unsure, since the election was already moved back a week whether or not they would enforce the run off,” Rogers said. “The fact that it was .5 of 1% was a lot closer than we imaged but I mean, we’re feeling good. It’s dead even, is pretty much what we just got from this. So I guess we’ve just got another week to campaign and we’re going to keep going at it.

Current Student Body President Kyle Lubiejewski and Vice President Patrick Long announce the results.