Not magic and definitely not a fluke



Sarah Weiss

Last night, while I celebrated the championship with my closest friends, I was at a loss for words.

Thankfully, the music running through my head had the answers. Adele’s deep voice looped, “It was just like a movie. It was just like a song” in between Kanye’s signature auto-tune, “I’m on an ultralight beam. This is a God dream. This is everything.”

This tournament, especially the past two weeks, was like a movie. It was like a dream.

Post-game celebrations on campus were completely surreal. I know it happened, but it doesn’t feel like it did. It was suspended between a world of believing in a team, program and school so strongly and a world of being unable to comprehend the recent national validation for which you so passionately yearned.

I remember repeating over and over to my brothers and my friends throughout the season, “Don’t worry. I trust this team.” I think that’s why even though it may have been the most surreal time of my life, it isn’t unbelievable in the slightest. I believed we could. I believed we would. I believed that we were National Champions.

Please, fellow ‘Cats, don’t say winning this title is unbelievable. You must have believed it too. The way Villanova has been painted in the media the past few days may have tested you because writers pointed out all the good omens, compared us to the 1985 Cinderella and even said it was magic.

I prefer to think that it was destined. Destined in the way you felt Denzel Washington as Coach Boone was destined to hold up the football at the end of “Remember the Titans.” In the way Hollywood made you feel like we had to win the Miracle on Ice in the 1980 Olympics. In the way you felt that Dennis Quaid as Jim Morris in “The Rookie” was destined to get his shot at the majors.

In fifteen years, maybe someone will be playing Jay Wright on the big screen. Villanova’s 2015-2016 Men’s Basketball season has all the makings of a feel-good sports movie. Maybe the most appealing—the humble point guard who has been nothing but clutch over his four year career but passes up the final shot in the championship game.

Magic implies that we played beyond our capabilities. Our wins in March were not a fluke. They came from doing the little things right and by surrendering to the power of Jay’s cliché brand of

“Villanova Basketball.” Magic had nothing to do with it. The team played like the championship belonged to them and so it did.

As a senior, this ride with Jay and the boys has been everything I could have asked for and more. Our class year will go down in history as the year the nation realized that “Villanova Basketball” is extraordinary.

I wasn’t in shock on Monday night. I was relatively collected all game, and I reassured my friends again and again, “Don’t worry. I trust this team.”

Instead of disbelief after the final buzzer, I was in awe because I saw a movie play out before my eyes. I was in awe because I saw the dream of the whole ‘Nova Nation come true.