University Professor arrested for 415 counts of child pornography

Princess Garrett

On March 21, Radnor Police arrested Christopher Haas, a history and classical studies associate professor, after officials discovered he had accessed pornographic images of children on a University computer last month.

Haas was charged with 415 counts of sexual abuse of children and the possession of child pornography, four years after the U.S. Department of Homeland security began an investigation into Haas. Officials allegedly found over 400 images of child pornography on Haas’ University issued laptop in September of  2012. Charges against Haas were not officially filed until last week. The Director of Public Safety received information regarding an on-campus incident that resulted the initiation of an investigation. Haas was charged with sexual abuse of children and criminal use of communication facility.

Haas joined the faculty in 1998. He attended University of Kansas for his undergraduate years and received his Ph.D. at University of Michigan in 1988. The 60 year-old tenured professor has now been removed from the University and barred from campus. “Haas was relieved of his teaching duties, and that the institution would likely initiate a de-tenuring process against the professor,” David Tedjeske, Director of Public Safety, said.

Although investigators from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security began an investigation into Haas four years ago, the University was unaware of previous inquiries about Haas and child pornogrpahy. Haas’s attorney, Scott Godshall, commented on the case, explaining how Haas was “devastated” and confused as to why the case was being revived years after it was closed in 2012. “They brought charges, because they think there is something new…to get probable cause to get an arrest warrant,” Godshall said in an article by

Homeland security officers first made contact with Haas in March of 2012 when they discovered his IP address had been accessing hundreds of child pornographic images dating back to March 2010. Investigators visited Haas’ home when he told them he had been sent emails that he had considered to be “borderline.” When investigators checked his computer, they had found no pornographic images.

In September 2012, six months after the investigation, Homeland security in conjunction with Radnor Police executed a search warrant for Haas’ residence. When they arrived at his home, Haas claimed he had no traces of child pornographic images. The Homeland security investigators seized his laptop and found 415 images of child pornography.

In October 2012, Haas could not be located, and Radnor police tried to find him with the help of the general public. They feared that he may have committed suicide after finding a note that suggested he may harm himself. However, the Pennsylvania State Police were able to find him unharmed.

When asked on Thursday about why Haas was being charged four years after the 2012 raid or why the University had not been notified of the images found on Haas computer, the Homeland Security spokesman declined to answer any questions.

Haas currently remains in custody at the Delaware County Prison. He will go under a psychological review before being released. 

On March 31, Haas had waived his preliminary hearing and will be arraigned on April 27 according to court records.