Meet the SGA Student Body Candidates

Caroline Foley


 The SGA Elections impact a great deal of activities on campus including the basketball lottery, campus safety issues and Dining Services. Read our guide to the candidates, and vote!

 Augustine Horner for President

Political Science ‘17 

Villanova’s Student Government is broken. It is supposed to be the waypoint between the students, the administration, and the student-run organizations on campus. Instead, the SGA is a bureaucratic mess, bogged down with red tape, and an unorganized committee structure. Student Government’s failure is not a reflection of the student body, it is a reflection of the organization of the SGA. But unlike the other candidates, Brian and I are doing something about this problem. We have been working closely with JJ Brown and Joe Citera to draft a plan to re-structure SGA in order to utilize the talents of Villanova’s student body. Brian and I care deeply about our campus and our fellow students, but SGA in its’ current form does not give them the opportunity to succeed. Brian and I will help to fix SGA.

 Brian King for Vice President

Psychology ‘18 

In my current role as Vice President of the Sophomore Class and as Chair of the Mission and Social Justice Committee, I have been doing just that by bringing my classmates’ concerns to our Director of Public Safety, to our Director of Student Involvement, to our Dean of Students, to our University Provost, and even to our University President. I have promoted our core values of Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas through events like Feast with the Friars, Fireside Chat with Provost Maggitti, and through our NovaChats – a chance for students to express their concerns regarding the transition of our Department of Public Safety to an armed and sworn police force. As Vice President of the Student Body, I will continue to work with the Department of Public Safety to ensure transparency during their controversial transition, and I will continue to prove to the student body that their SGA representatives are hearing their concerns and are tirelessly working to improve our student experience.

 Ryan Rogers for President

Economics & Political Science ‘17 

Whether it’s walking by the Oreo, listening to callers on my radio show, or meeting with the leaders of various student organizations, the student body has always been a collective voice I deeply care about. This untapped potential is jeopardized by the concerning trend within school where student leaders, the SGA included, have become complacent with the status quo and subsequently have chosen to pursue the easy route instead one which achieves meaningful results. We as a student body cannot let the Student Government stagnate, for the tasks we face are not trivial. If elected as SGA President, I pledge my undivided commitment to fighting for a better Villanova future, one that is inclusive and truly representative of this wonderful undergraduate community.

 Kelly Miller for Vice President

Chemical Engineering ‘18 

I believe I am an excellent candidate for the Vice Presidency because I will bring a wholly fresh perspective to the SGA. As the only non-SGA candidate, I can be a catalyst for genuine change and ultimately reform. Perhaps more important is the fact that I and I alone am the only female candidate in this election. I represent an entire half of the student body more intimately and empathetically than any other candidate could hope to. 

I have real experience with a wide variety of organizations at Villanova, including but not limited to Special Olympics, NOVAdance, and Greek life. I would posit that by drawing from such an eclectic reservoir of the Villanova consciousness that I am particularly well-suited for the tasks that lie ahead. 


 Bobby Roenitz for President

Economics and Spanish ‘17 & 

 John Puszcz for Vice President

Economics and Spanish ‘18

 Although Villanova is already such a great institution, we see ways that it could be improved. We will organize students and staff to come together and create a clear and defined reporting structure for the department. We want all students and staff to feel safe on campus. We also want to have clocks in all classrooms throughout the university. The student body is concerned about tailgates for the various football games throughout the fall semester. We look forward to addressing these concerns by having the tailgates in another lot. The basketball lottery is not as efficient as it could be, and we look forward to making changes and getting more students to games. There is an obvious culture of fear surrounding the current alcohol disciplinary policies. We hope to eradicate this by promoting an educational approach instead of a strong disciplinary approach in regards to alcohol related incidences. Finally, in order to be fully representative of the student body, we must have members that embody our diversity on campus.