Sophomore standout revamps SGA constitution

Catherine Hamilton

With the arrival of presidential candidate John Kasich to campus and the upcoming elections, the Student Government Association is keeping busy this semester. Soon, the 2016 SGA will add a rewritten constitution to the list of accomplishments.

Claire Getter, a sophomore political science major and a general member of the student government association, recently decided to take on the job of rewriting the SGA constitution.

“I realized that no one in SGA, especially on Executive Board was doing their job, and that SGA was not really living up to its full potential on campus” Getter said. “So I went to go talk to JJ Brown about restructuring SGA and rewriting the constitution, and that is how the entire process started.

Getter’s objective was to create a more inclusive and efficient organization. In addition to leading the Constitution Reform and Revision Committee, Getter also works with the SGA’s Intellectual Climate Committee and Election Commission. Getter is also an active participant in the Villanova Pre-law Society, serving as the Public Relations Chair.

“I have always had a strong interest in government, politics and helping and serving others,” Getter said.

SGA runs events such as tailgates, away game buses, dorm decorating, RA appreciation day, town hall meetings, newswire, communication with other clubs, Math Center, Writing Center, Print Centers, blood drives and food drives. The current SGA constitution has been in effect since 2011. Getter’s attempt marks the first redesign of the constitution since then.

“We reached out to different clubs and organizations on campus to get their feedback about what they want to see change in SGA and how we can help their clubs and improve student life all around on campus,” Getter said. “We are trying to make SGA a more inclusive and representative body of the student population here at Villanova.”

One objective was to increase diversity within the association. “We want to make SGA what it is supposed to be on campus, an advocate for all students on campus, including minority races and groups. We want everyone to feel comfortable participating and voicing their ideas.”

The new constitution includes changes to executive board make-up, as well as the eradication of several positions.

“One of the new positions we are creating is a Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion, whose job will be to ensure that all students’ voices are being heard from all different organizations on campus” Getter said. “Every class is going to have two class senators rather than having a class president, vice-president, senator and representative because they have not really been shown to do any substantial work for SGA just because their roles have not really been defined.”

In addition, class executive positions will be replaced by senatorial representation of every undergraduate college, as well as student life representatives from campus clubs and activities. The new and revised constitution should be finalized in time for the start of the 2017 spring semester.