Father Peter Hosts Senior Toast



Maria McGeary

“It seems like just yesterday we were all doing the boogaloo together,” Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A. Ph.D. reminisced with approximately 200 seniors who gathered in the Villanova Room yesterday evening for a toast to their final year at 800 Lancaster Avenue. “This is the beginning of the end.”

The Kickoff event was moved inside due to weather. Students mingled and exchanged their drink tickets for glasses of champagne before taking their seats to hear Donohue speak. SGA President Bobby Roenitz introduced the University president.

“Don’t let it go by too quickly,” Donohue cautioned. “Pay attention to what’s happening and pay attention to the people around you.”

“There’s still oppportunities to do things here,” he continued. “You need to leave something at Villanova. Continue to challenge us. Continue to ask us to do things differently.”

Donohue’s speech was followed by a short toast by Roenitz; “May our days ahead be filled with laughter and healhty celebrations, and may Villanova always live in us all. Cheers!”