State of the Union

Veronica Manley

On Wednesday, Oct. 19, SGA hosted a Fireside Chat with Provost Patrick Maggitti in the Presidential Lounge of the Connelly Center to provide an opportunity for students and faculty to come together and dialogue about university academics.

Brian King, Executive Secretary, facilitated the event, which began with discussion of a variety of issues concerning all schools in the university.  One of Maggitti’s primary responsibilities is to work closely with school deans, advocating for them, appointing representatives and soliciting better career opportunities for students.  He accomplishes this by ensuring our academics stay at their prime. 

A major step for University academics was being part of the US News and World Report ranking, which will hopefully attract more qualified American and international students to apply to and attend the University.  By being positioned in the top 50, Provost Maggitti believes that the University will be placed on the same level as the bigger name Catholic schools and locked into a more competitive category.

The discussion was then opened to the audience.  Most student questions focused on the topics of diversity on campus and how to improve different facilities that have not had the opportunity to be updated in recent years. Maggitti said the University was looking to provide more diversity especially because Villanova is becoming better known worldwide.  He also said that he is planning to see which buildings are next on the list to revamp.  The three buildings he wants to consider renovating in the near future are Falvey Library, Mendel Hall and Tolentine Hall. Overall, the fireside chat was a success, continuing the strong tradition of open conversation between students and faculty leaders.