Villanova grad becomes Hillary staffer



Emily Margolin

With less than a week until Election Day, staffers for both of the two major parties’ campaigns have been working furiously to represent their candidate and encourage people to become more involved in the political process. James DiGregorio ‘16, a staffer for Hillary Clinton, is no exception.

“Hillary Clinton is someone with a fabulous record,” DiGregorio said. “She has the best résumé any presidential candidate has ever had.” 

Not everyone is convinced, however, particularly college-aged voters, many of whom hoped instead to see Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders clinch the nomination for the Democrats.  DiGregorio insists that the concerns of those who “felt the Bern” are being addressed. 

“We’re trying to show millennials, especially Bernie supporters, that your ideas were heard, your voice was heard, and moving forward with [Clinton], all those things will be heard and all those things will be presented on a national spotlight.”

If you had asked him about his post-graduation plans a year ago, DiGregorio would have said Turkey, on the Fulbright Scholarship. The program was canceled due to political turmoil in the country.  While deciding his next move, DiGregorio thought of his alma mater: “I asked myself, ‘What can I do right now to maintain the traditions of Villanova and the values that were instilled in me?’” 

He was presented with the opportunity to work with The Clinton campaign in Pennsylvania, and “jumped” at the opportunity.  “[The position is a] really exciting chance…I love my school and I’m so happy to be back,” DiGregorio said.  “It’s great to help out and see the enthusiasm in younger students.”

With less than a week to go, DiGregorio and his colleagues are trying to get as many people on campus to vote. 

“[The campaign is] trying to inspire Democrats, inspire liberals [and] inspire undecided voters who maybe aren’t sure about either candidate,” DiGregori said. “We’re trying to reach out to college students, especially freshmen and sophomores who might not be registered to vote yet, and making sure they vote.” 

 Because Pennsylvania is a swing state in this election, DiGregorio and his team are working extra hard to encourage its residents to vote blue.  “Depending on who you ask, Pennsylvania is probably the most important state in this election,” DiGregorio said.  “Twenty electoral votes is just massive.  And Delaware County [is especially important] because it’s a swing county.”

For anyone interested in working in politics, DiGregorio stresses the importance of participating in the political process.  “Getting involved is the most important thing you can do,” DiGregorio said.  “You have to get involved early, have to get involved often, and have to be able to push through some of the rougher work [before you can] break through to the next level.”