The ‘Un-American’ Executive Order



Minal Patel

The time between President Donald Trump’s election and his inauguration was saturated by fear and confusion on how the American public could have allowed the highest office in the land to be filled by someone believed to be a racist, sexist bigot. However, there was also hope that the Trump administration would not follow through on the ridiculousness of banning Muslims, immigrants or refugees from entering the country. On Jan. 27, Trump eradicated any remaining optimism with his Executive Order to prohibit Syrian refugees indefinitely, prevent entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days and bar entry for all immigrants of seven predominantly Muslim countries into the United States for 90 days. Overnight, America became a place where the President is able to ban people based on their religion and country of origin without a second glance at the morals and virtues that are at the foundation of this country. 

The lack of association between Syrian refugees in the U.S. and terrorism shows the absurdity of this order. Since these groups of people have caused no real security threat, it is frightening to think that Trump’s actions may be based solely on xenophobic thinking. A country that is known to welcome those of all religions, race and backgrounds is turning its back on groups of people when they need them the most. 

No longer can America call itself the “land of opportunities” because opportunities aren’t given to those who seek them. Trump has put a stop on even dreaming of a better and safer future, let alone seeking one out. Denying people the right to enter the United States is indicative of a leader who is not looking to turn hatred into peace or make an effort to put the disadvantages of others ahead of his irrational fear of those who do not live with the same security he possesses. 

His actions are starting to form a nation that does not recognize that immigrants, refugees and Muslims are just as equally deserving of a chance to start over or create a new beginning. When American citizens are questioned about their legal status and are prevented from entering the country simply because of their religion or skin color, it shows that this order is doing no more than instilling a fear of those who do not fit Trump’s view of what an American looks like. 

The Trump administration needs to realize that there are children, spouses and parents who are being separated from their loved ones on account of an Executive Order that holds no true purpose. Starting his term in such a manner is concerning, especially when considering that Trump truly believes that this is only just the beginning of his plan to ban all Muslims. His selectiveness of giving priority to Christian Syrian refugees shows clear discrimination. Those fleeing a country in order to seek a better life should not be denied entry due to their personal decisions in terms of faith. 

A step in the right direction can be seen through the protests outside of JFK Airport and around the country. The immoral nature of the ban is so transparent that continuing to uphold it clashes against the very ideals of the United States.

 As future plans are being drawn out to deport people already in the country as well as create a registry, it is crucial to remember that most Americans are children of immigrants and refugees. Therefore, it is impossible to have a nation that prides itself on freedom and liberty when it repeatedly denies it to others.