“Love the Skin You’re In” Fashion Show

Isabella Sanchez

43 students walked to promote body positivity and self acceptance in the Office of Health Promotion’s 13th annual “Love the Skin You’re In” fashion show on April 27. 

The show was divided into sections based on the store who donated the clothes. The clothing modeled was lent from Ataria NYC, Fashion Statement, GAP, Lilly Pulitzer, Louella, POSH, Primark and the Villanova Bookstore. 

Most stores offered the models discounts on their outfits if they decided to purchase them, and some, like Primark, allowed the models to keep their style choices. The models had complete autonomy in choosing their outfits and were encouraged to choose the pieces that made them feel most comfortable. 

“By having students model in the show, we hope that they are able to build their confidence through the outfits they wear down the runway and can have fun celebrating the way they look and feel in their clothing,” Cara Milhaven, the Office of Health Promotion’s Event Planning and Logistics Intern, said.

“I picked it because it was very springy!” Jamilah Jones ’19, who modeled in the Louella section, said. “I felt like a picnic, a walking picnic in the best way possible.” 

The aim of the fashion show every year is to celebrate diversity of students on this campus in all aspects of the word. It is also bringing awareness to body image issues. 

“We hope that by attending the show, students can become more aware of how eating disorders and self-image issues are affecting their fellow students and be able to celebrate their individuality during and after the show.” Milhaven said. 

As models walked out in their styles of choice the emcee read out a short biography which included a fun fact. For senior Eric Campbell, his fun fact was that the white jeans from the Ataria NYC collection were “the tightest pants he has ever worn.” Campbell felt that in the tight pants and fur coat he “crushed it but mobility was limited.” 

“The message itself of loving who you are and the skin you’re in goes way beyond clothing it’s about being yourself in every way possible and always reinforcing that message,” Campbell said. “Whether you were in the audience or a model taking away the message of Never change, be who you are be confident in that person is the most important thing.” 

The event was hosted by the Office of Health Promotion and sponsored by Fraternity and Sorority life, Residence Life, the University Counseling Center and KIND. 

The “Love the Skin You’re In” fashion show aims to encourage self acceptance and body positivity and according to students in attendance they have succeeded in their efforts. 

“There was a wide range of representation, big, small all different body shapes and people of color,” said Nora Manosca ‘19 who attended the show in support of several friends. “I hope to see this program expand and the message be more deeply engrained in Villanova’s culture.”