Exclusive: Sister Jean Revealed to be a Villanova Fan


sister jean

Nicole Blekhter Associate Editor

It has been confirmed: Sister Jean has been rooting for Villanova all along.

The news comes from Villanova’s own team chaplain, Rev. Rob Hagan, who invited Sister Jean out for lunch in San Antonio earlier this week.

During a deep conversation about St. Thomas Aquinas, Father Hagan says he gasped when he realized Sister Jean was wearing blue underneath her maroon and yellow sweater.

“She tried to deny it at first,” Hagan said, “but after some pressing, she admitted she’s always been a big Villanova fan and thought we have a better chance at winning it all.”

The nation has been fascinated with Sister Jean, the 98 year old chaplain of this year’s Cinderella team, Loyola Chicago. Sister Jean who gained national media attention while cheering on the team throughout the tournament up until their defeat in last night’s Final Four game against Michigan.

Even before Hagan confirmed Sister Jean’s true feelings, there had been some speculation among Villanova players and fans. Jalen Brunson recalled seeing Sister Jean from the distance as they arrived in San Antonio.

“I saw her wink at me, but I didn’t think much of it,” he said. “Now it all makes more sense.”

University President Peter M. Donohue, Ph.D., O.S.A was delighted at the news, but not surprised.

“The Wildcats are relentless and admirable,” Donohue said. “They deserve Sister Jean’s support.”

Brunson said the team plans to send Sister Jean some Villanova gear ahead of Monday night’s Championship game.

“Now that Loyola’s out, we’re hoping she is ready to support us publicly,” he said.

The Villanovan reached out to Sister Jean’s secretary, but she has yet to confirm whether she will attend the final game on April 2. 

“It’s nice to know she’s on our side,” Hagan said. “But we understand that she has to continue to be the face of Loyola.”

Editor’s Note: While we wish that Sister Jean had been rooting for Villanova all along, this article has been published in the spirit of April Fools.