Letter to the Editor: Why We Must Remember 9/11


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Letter to the Editor: Why We Must Remember 9/11

Contributed Michael Skurecki '91 August 30th, 2018

As the 17 year anniversary of 9/11 approaches, once again we recall the attack by terrorists on our country and our democratic way of life, which culminated in the death of 2,976 victims. 

We must continue to honor and remember the victims.  As a result of their deaths, both love and respect were renewed for our country’s principles and for each of us as Americans.  This love and respect was unconditionally demonstrated by the sefless acts of the first responders to the towers and the heroes on Flight 93. They did not die in vain.

This day of infamy also provided us with a resurgence of patriotism, pride and solidarity throughout our country. One of these expressions of solidarity was our flag. Once again unfurled by millions, it was flown daily in honor of the victims and their loved ones.

Throughout the year and especially on 9/11, we must take the time to show our respect and love by remembering and honoring the 2,752 victims who perished in the Twin Towers in New York, the 184 victims who perished in the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and 40 victims and unborn child who perished on the field near Shankesville Pennsylvania. 

 I will also remember, honor and show love for my fellow fifteen Villanova graduates who perished in the Towers, as well as my fellow co-worker who died on this horrific day in the Pentagon.  I will remember them not by who they were, but who they wre.

God Bless America, Our Military and Our 911 Victims and Their Families.