Villanova Welcomes Prospective Students and Families for Early Action Candidates Weekend

Sarah McAssey Staff Reporter

This past weekend campus was alive with prospective students and their families visiting Villanova and figuring out if they will join the Nova Nation as members of the Class of 2023. 

The prospective families had the opportunity to admire the brand new facilities of the Finneran Pavilion, attend information sessions and an involvement fair with countless organizations like NOVAdance to the Student Government Association and everything in between, embark on campus tours and learn about all things Villanova.

The Blue Key Society plays an integral role in making this all possible and gives each and every member an opportunity to emulate their love for Villanova. Molly Reff, a current senior, who has been an involved member in the Blue Key Society in all four of her years, reflected on what this weekend meant to her. 

“Early Action Candidates Day is an amazing way to show perspective students and families what our university has to offer,” Reff said. “As a tour guide, I feel like I’m really giving back to Villanova, by showing other families what made me fall in love with this school four years ago.” 

Reff talked about why she thinks the University is unique in their approach for these accepted student weekends. “I think what makes Villanova stand out is our constant sense of community and our infectious school spirit,” she said. “Candidates Day is a great opportunity for Villanova to highlight these aspects in hopes that potential students choose to call our university their home away from home.”

The University will do it all again later this Spring to welcome the Regular Decision applicants that were admitted.