University Hosts Student-Run Pop-up Thrift Shop


Courtesy of Emily Jenick

Wildcat Thrift was the first ever student-run pop-up thrift shop at Villanova.

Cate McCusker

The first ever Wildcat Thrift, a student-run pop-up thrift shop, was a huge success this past week.

The event was held on Friday afternoon under the tent next to Driscoll Hall. Organizations, such as PSP, AXO, KKG, PiKapp, and individuals were able to buy tables to sell their vintage clothing.

Overall, $1,200 was raised for various charities, including Women’s Heart Health, Breast Cancer Awareness, The Laurel House, The Ability Experience, Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center, Eden Reforestation Project and Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.

After the event concluded, Catholic Relief Services handled the clean up and donated around 300 pieces of leftover clothing to a local thrift shop. 

Senior Emily Jaenicke and the Student Sustainability Committee were the masterminds behind this operation. Jaenicke came up with the idea last year after seeing an article about flea markets at USC.

“I’m an environmental science major with an interest in fashion,” Jaenicke said. “In the future, I want to go the sustainability of consumer goods route. It’s something I’ve been interested in for a while. Last year, I was talking to my friend Gillen Curren, who is on the student sustainability committee, about starting something like this. She helped me reach out to Liesel Schwartz, and over the summer, we had a few meetings about it. At the start of the school year, Gillen, Liesel, and Maggie Cavanaugh, who is a part of the Student Sustainability Committee, and I got the logistics rolling.”

“I was really nervous. It’s the first of its kind at Villanova, a student-run thrift shop built by students for student profit and philanthropy as well.”

But there was no need for nerves. The thrift shop ran smoothly, with hundreds of students in attendance and a line out of the tent. Jaenicke was happy with how the event went.

“My favorite part was seeing my friends come,” Jaenicke said. “It was great to see the passion and understanding from my friends who usually aren’t interested in that kind of stuff. It was fun to see other people excited about something that you’re really passionate about.”

Junior Julia Micklo, who purchased a few shirts and a pair of Converse sneakers, enjoyed her experience at the Wildcat Thrift.

“I think it was a really awesome idea, and I’m glad I came,” Micklo said. “The vendors were all super friendly and had a lot of good items for sale. I love my purchases and I’m so excited to show them off.”

The most important question is: when will it happen again?

“It’s definitely going to happen next year, but we are hoping to have it again next semester,” Jaenicke said. “One thing that was missing, unfortunately, was boys’ clothing. Zach Ruth from Villanova Vintage and PiKapp both did a great job, but next year we are definitely going to have some more guys involved, because sustainability is everyone’s issue.”