New Music Corner: Galantis


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New Music Corner: Galantis

Ryan Weicht

On April 12th, the Swedish EDM duo “Galantis” performed at Philadelphia’s Franklin Music Hall. The venue’s standing-room-only space was filled to capacity with fans excited to hear songs such as “Runaway (U & I),” “Peanut Butter Jelly” and “No Money,” which are some of the band’s most popular hits. Galantis is made up of artists Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, both who have extensive songwriting and producing experience. The pair has released two albums— Pharmacy (2015) and The Aviary (2017) —which have been met with positive critical reception. The band has been releasing singles and touring while a third studio album is in the works.

Galantis’ live show is a dynamic visual and auditory experience. The act incorporates a three-tiered stage equipped with cymbals, drum pads and five full-size kick drums. Karlsson and Eklöw are front and center, actively helping the music ebb and flow with the crowd. Their enthusiasm was backed by a vibrant visual display that set the tone for each part of the set. The band mixed new sounds into familiar tunes, letting the crowd rock to a constant stream of music that seamlessly transitioned from one work to the next. While the crowd was able to sing along to each of the songs Galantis played, their innovative beats still provided a novel feel to each segment of the show. As the show continued, the visuals and music became progressively more complex, and the entire act reached a climax when vivid confetti exploded around the room. Combined with the shining lights, lively music and spirited crowd, the end of the show was fittingly enchanting.

Galantis will continue to tour around the United States and worldwide through October 2019.