Ridiculum Spit Take: The Revealing Nature of Satire

A.J. Fezza

I attended the Improv shows on Friday put on by the club Ridiculum. The actors began the show by delivering a stand-up comedy routine playfully criticizing our school. The Opinion Writer in me was immediately awakened. 

One set of jokes complained about how Tolentine Hall has just one unisex single-stall bathroom per floor. Considering how many classes are in Tolentine Hall, this makes for a busy and complicated situation, as many students and professors like to use the bathrooms before and after class. Given our large tuition payments, there should be room in the budget to replace all of the unused rooms in Tolentine with extra bathrooms. At the very least, one more bathroom is needed.

Another joke in the opening routine was about how the recent lanternfly infestation on campus is the most diversity that Villanova has had. 

For those of you who don’t know, the spotted lanternflyis an invasive species native to parts of China, India, Vietnam and eastern Asia, but has recently taken eastern Pennsylvania by storm. You’ve probably seen them all over campus, especially in the tunnel by Villanova Station on West Campus, which is basically a lanternfly graveyard. Staff Writer Grace Kennard covered the lanternfly issue earlier this year. While all of these lines were just jokes, they brought necessary attention to issues affecting our campus. As I sat watching this opening bit, I realized that comedy can truly be a force for change, regardless of the scale. Villanova, let’s take something out of this and give Tolentine more bathrooms. It may be a difficult feat, but it’s worth it.