Dogs of Villanova: Maggie the Goldendoodle from Pals for Life



Maggie the Goldendoodle

Olivia Sabalaskey

If you were to visit Villanova’s campus for the first time, you might be surprised to see so many dogs walking around with their owners during the day, greeting students as they pass by. On Wednesdays, Pals for Life, a non-profit organization, visits campus to help students de-stress when they are having a ‘ruff’ day. To do so they enlist the help of several four-legged pals trained as certified stress-therapy dogs.

Maggie, a volunteer for Pals for Life, is a certified therapy dog who frequently visits students on Wednesdays. She is a beautiful, 10-year-old Goldendoodle who has worked as a therapy dog for almost eight years. Students admire Maggie for her loving and sweet personality. “She is such a sweetheart,” a student observed, “and she loves to smile,” said one of the Pals for Life volunteers.

When Maggie has time off of work, she enjoys running around her backyard chasing squirrels, going on long walks with her owner in the early morning, playing in the snow and chewing on sticks. Although Maggie loves her job as a therapy dog, she does find it exhausting at times and loves to take long naps in the afternoon.

Maggie is a very composed girl and does not like to bark often. In fact, Maggie has such good manners that she shakes hands with almost every student she meets. Maggie does not like jumping into the pool or the ocean, but she does enjoy sitting outside and playing in the rain, even though she may get a little muddy sometimes. 

With midterms around the corner, Maggie hopes you will stay paw-sitive. If you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed, she encourages you to paws and reflect on how far you have come since the beginning of the semester. 

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