2020 SGA President and Vice President Candidate Statements

Tomorrow at noon, polls for SGA President and Executive Vice President will close. In no particular order, below are statements from each ticket and their respective platforms. Voting began Monday, March 16 at noon and will close tomorrow, March 18. All statements have been published exactly as they were submitted to the Student Government Association Election Committee.

Presidential Candidate: Drew Kirchoff ’22

Vice Presidential Candidate: Tommy Baker ’22

My name is Drew Kirchoff.  I am a current wealth management intern for Morgan Stanley where I have vigorously pursued my interest in financial and portfolio analysis. I am the current Villanova Business school senator and have picked Tommy Baker as my Vice President for the 2020 election. What Tommy and I represent, is the population of the school that feels left out of the competitive social life of Villanova – the majority. Together with my Vice Presidential candidate, Tommy Baker, we want to introduce you to the Presidential platform that we are running on, which is “Loving Students, Loving Jesus Christ.” Additionally, I hope to take my life experiences learned through two internships — the first being a year-long financial internship with Morgan Stanley, and the second being a Marketing and Social Media intern — and parlay them into effective leadership in the SGA.  Our platform is a three-pronged approach: taxation without representation – our desire to place several students and faculty on the Villanova Board of Trustees, exploration of the rising Villanova tuition, and our roles as “encouragers” to involve more students on campus in the name of Christ. Jesus Christ is the only truth that can guide us through turbulent times of students struggling with mental health. In addition, putting students and faculty on the Board of trustees will be our main campaign goal priority, as though there are 35 members on the board of trustees, but not a student or faculty member.

Presidential Candidate: Amanda Rappa ’21

Vice Presidential Candidate: Caroline Levine ’22

As a team, we have the experience, passion, and relationships with students, faculty, staff, and administrators necessary to be successful. Amanda is a junior pre-dental Comprehensive Science major. She is the the current Vice President, previously served in the Senate, and is involved on campus as a member of Tri Delta, NOVAdance team captain, and Comprehensive Science Club executive. As Vice President, she has improved the basketball experience and worked towards a free laundry system. From meetings with Provost Magitti on improving academic transparency to meetings with Dean DeMarco about student life, Amanda has advocated for students in any capacity that she can. 

Caroline is a sophomore studying political science with minors in business and public administration. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, works at the Law School, and serves as an Honors Program Ambassador.  As the current Chief of Staff of SGA, she oversees operations for the organization, gaining experience collaborating with administrators and members on behalf of students. She is currently launching #LetsVoteNova, a campaign to increase civic engagement on campus.

We aspire to improve mental health awareness by promoting conversations and increasing resources. We want to encourage inclusion on campus by working with underrepresented groups to make sure everyone has a place at Villanova. Another goal is to increase sustainability initiatives on campus. Most of all, we value student perspectives and are sopen to hearing and acting on suggestions. We will strive to make Villanova a place that lives up to the word community.

Presidential Candidate: Stephen Soussou ’21

Vice Presidential Candidate: Rohan Parikh ’21

Stephen Soussou – Junior Mechanical engineering major from Tenafly New Jersey. I am the youngest of four siblings who all went to Villanova, my two oldest brothers have both served as President of the SGA, and I look forward to becoming the third of my siblings to help improve the overall student experience here at Villanova. My ambition to run and serve as your student body president is to bring an outside view and opinion on issues that the SGA currently faces, and to improve areas that the everyday student would like to improve.

Rohan Parikh – Junior Applied Quantiative Finance major from Marlboro, New Jersey. I am a passionate and goal-driven individual who enjoys working with others to make meaningful changes. I was the President of the SAMOSA multicultural club and am involved within VSB. As Vice President, I hope to give students a greater voice and increase transparency between the university and students, and help with initiatives such as diversity, inclusion, and more resources for student groups on campus.

Issues that we will fix for the students are as follows:

  • To create more transparency between the students and university by making CATS surveys more accessible to the students.
  • To have students more involved in the planning and design of new projects throughout campus.
  • To extend the hours in the Tech Zone in the Commons especially on weekends.
  • To extend the hours in the gyms in the Commons, Farley, and Stanford.
  • To plan SGA sponsored events for freshman after orientation, such as ice cream socials.
  • To have the ability to use meals at the Falvey Holy Grounds.
  • To develop a more organized way for clubs to plan events and formals.