Dogs of Villanova: Pintxo


Courtesy of Melissa Meade

Pintxo in his winter coat

A.J. Fezza, Co-Culture Editor

It is well-known by now that the University has certified stress therapy dogs in areas like the Student Health Center. However, these aren’t the only canines you’ll find on campus. Some professors bring their dogs to class, to the delight of their students.

One of these professors is Dr. Melissa Meade, who has blessed her COM 1000 and COM 1300 classes with the presence of her three-year-old dog, Pintxo.

Pintxo, initially named “Fang,” was living in a crowded East New York apartment filled with more than 30 other tiny, white dogs before he was confiscated from his owner and taken into an animal shelter. When he was adopted by Dr. Meade in January 2018, he had kennel cough and itchy spots all over his body. He couldn’t walk outside, and had to be carried around in a bag. After just a few months though, Pinxto was able to walk again and became the fluffy, playful and athletic dog that he is today.

Dr. Meade renamed him “Pintxo” after the small snacks popular in the Basque region of Spain. Pintxo has also been referred to as the “Mayor of Daycare” (since he acts as a mentor to the puppies at his daycare center) and has been jokingly called “12 Pounds of Fur and Fury.” Pintxo loves all dogs and people (even babies) and has made friends with many University faculty members and students.